Hexies Everywhere!

Recently, my hubby and I took a very last minute road trip to New York City, just for the fun of it.  Of course, we did all must-do things when you visit NYC.  See the Statue of Liberty…check.  Figure out the subway system…check. Walk in Central Park..check.  Visit The City Quilter…check!

When we visited Central Park, I couldn’t help but notice the sidewalk stones.  Hexagons…everywhere.  I was inspired!


So, when we visited The City Quilter, I picked up some paper foundations to make some hexies.  Ok, maybe I went a little overboard!


I couldn’t resist a few charm packs, just so I could get started!


So this is how I spent the Easter weekend…making hexies!  Very addictive!  I am making them the old fashioned way…stitching the fabric to the paper template and whip stitching them together.  Very relaxing!  I am trying hard not to over think things and just keep them scrappy.



In between my new found hexie obsession and cooking Easter dinner, I managed to finish the Xebec block of Sue Garman’s Ladies of the Sea.  Once the ship was complete and the flowers were stitched on, I started the skull and crossbones bones.  I must admit, I love this little touch!





Next, I embroidered the ropes.


When I was finally finished, it was time for a bath.


I have just turned the third(!) corner of Circle of Tulips.  Good times!


Til next time…




13 thoughts on “Hexies Everywhere!

  1. Love your hexies. They are addictive. I found a Fiskars punch that you can use to do your own paper pieces. I think the extra large will do one inch hexies if you need more. I am doing half inch hexies for flowers for an outer applique border.

  2. Your the lady of the sea quilt will be gorgeous! Love it. I also enjoy hexies! They are addicting. And your pink and white quilt is exquisite. Are you hand quilting it on a portable hand frame? Amazing!

  3. Love your hexies – I’m addicted to them also. And the pirate ship is so cool. That Ladies of the Sea is such a great pattern. Thanks for sharing, Kerry – always enjoy it and learn something.

  4. You’ve had a fun time!! Love the hexies. Did you know you don’t have to stitch thru the papers? Just double stitch the folded corners on the wrong side, then you don’t have to take the stitching out when they’re done! Beautiful appliqué.

  5. I’ve started using your painted starch/iron method around the hexi-papers, then removing the papers when done. A little more care in sewing together to make sure stitches don’t show, but once you get the hang of it, very easy and no stitches visible. NO paper removal later in the process, and you don’t have to buy hundreds of papers… unless you want to, of course!

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