Put the hexies down and walk away!!

Even though I am OHOH (Officially Hooked On Hexies), I still have some projects that are needing my attention.  As of this moment, I have 3 (how did that happen?) hexie projects on the go.  First, my brown-ish-neutralish kind of scrappy collection.


Then, there is my bright-cutesy could be a baby quilt collection.


And last, but certainly not least, it the first block of a Hexie Quilt Along (Value Proposition Quilt Along) that I found on an amazing blog by Karen at Faeries and Fibres.  If you want to know anything about hexies (I mean anything!) and English paper piecing in general, this is a blog you must visit!  But make yourself a cup of tea first, you may be there a while!


Last night, I took the time to trace the second border of  Sue Garman’s Friends of Baltimore.  I would really (I mean, really!) like to have this quilt finished by the end of this year.  You know, one more thing to cross off the bucket list!   Yikes!  Do I see ferns??


I thought I would show how I assembled the hummingbird block, the latest block of “To Everything There Is A Season”.  Looks complicated, but really it isn’t!

First, I traced the pattern on to my background.  Next, I added the leaves and the blue flowers.


Now, I have a dilemma…the leaves have covered up some of the traced lines, and I cannot see where to put the flower petals.  Here is my solution.  I “build” the flowers on an applique pressing sheet.


Then I pick the flower up in one piece and glue it in place.  Easy peasy!


Here is how I stitched the hummingbird.  Don’t forget that the “underneath” wing goes on the background before the feathers. I forgot,  so I had to un-stitch the feathers and insert the wing underneath.


Next, the head, the underbody and the tail feathers…



…and the top body and a beak.  He just needs an eye!


Til next time….





10 thoughts on “Put the hexies down and walk away!!

    • Hi Lisa:
      I am using the starch method where turn over the edges before I stitch them in place. I have some Youtube videos you can check out if your are interested. I show all of the steps involoved with this method.

  1. Kerry, your applique work is amazing. Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin!

    Thanks for the kind words about my blog and my QAL. I love your interpretation of block 1. The colours you have selected are wonderful and the block has a lovely glow! So glad you are sewing along with me!

  2. Kerry, I’ve already got block 1 of Karen’s QAL basted; all I have to do is whipstitch them together. Great minds really do think alike, don’t we? Your hummer is adorable! Are you going to embroider the eye or use a bead?

  3. I really enjoy seeing your appliques come to life Kerry. Your hummingbird is perfect! I’m still trying to get my sharp points like that beak nice and smooth – it’s a learning curve process for sure!

  4. I keep looking at the hexie quilts and drooling, but so far I haven’t picked up the habit. They definitely seem like a great portable project.:)

  5. Hi Kerry! I jumped over hear from Karens blog. I am also doing her hexie quilt. Your appliqué is gorgeous. I love hand appliqué also.

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