Always more than one option….

It occurs to me from time to time that quilting is a lot like life.  You rarely are in a situation where you do not have options.  And the option you choose is really up to you (and not the Quilt Police!).  There are a few dainty buds in the border of Sue Garman’s “Friends of Baltimore”.  How you decide to make them is totally up to you!

Here are the buds……they are the same but I am going to prep them two different ways.


First, I ironed both buds to the wrong side of the fabric and cut them out.


For the first bud, I prepped it in my normal way.


Next, I removed the freezer paper and cut out the circle to use as a pattern for the red centre and prepped it.



Bud #1.


For Bud # 2, I decided to do reverse applique.  I think this term often confuses people. (You are not appliqueing in reverse!) You are simply reversing the layers.  For Bud #1, I placed the red piece on top of the green piece.  Bud #2 involves placing the green piece on top of the red piece.

This technique involves cutting a hole in the centre of the fabric and still leave a seam allowance that you can turn.


I carefull clipped the seam allowance.  You can see that I didn’t clip right up to the freezer paper.  And you can see how small the hole is!


Then I carefully turned the inner edge.


And once the outer edge was prepped, I removed the freezer paper.




And finally, I cut a piece of red to place under the bud.  There is no need to prep the edges of the red piece of fabric.  It will be covered up.


So here are both buds glued in placed in the border.  Remember, you always have options!!


In my spare time I am still making hexies…and still loving it!!


Til next time…




11 thoughts on “Always more than one option….

  1. Great explaining again, thank you !!

    I was wondering … Am I the only one that is having troubles when I click the pictures to see them enlarged? Since a few blogpost ago I had no trouble at all, but recently when i click the pictures I get an error and I can’t see the enlarged pictures anymore.

  2. I’m getting the message webpage has a redirected loop so I too am unable to see the close-ups. However the pictures are great as they are and this post is an excellent demonstration of the two methods!

  3. Another great lesson you give Kerry. I always get something when I read your blog, either a little lesson or inspiration to go pick up a needle.

  4. Great reminder Kerry. I continue to learn so many tips through blogs. Tight inner curves and points are my challenge and I’ve discovered a few options to make them easier… plus simply more experience and practice! Thanks!

  5. I always worry about removing the paper – and that second one looks like it is going to fall apart, but then you turn it and it looks beautiful! Thanks so much. I invite you to link to Hexie Weekend again. Just love those pastel, yet bright, hexagons of yours.

  6. I love how informative your posts are. It really takes the scaryness out of applique. And I love those hexagons. The colorway is so pretty.

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