Something not quite right…..

You know that feeling when you look at the quilt you are working on and you know there is something not quite right, but you don’t know what it is??  Well, that is the feeling I had every time I looked at the vase  I am working on.  I finally put my finger on it yesterday.  The fern and the leaf  are not only the same colour, they are the exact same value!  All I see is a glob of light green, not two distinct leaves.  Drat!


So this is what I did.  I un-stitched what I had to so I could remove the offending leaf.  The yellow circle is also stitched through the leaf so I had to remove it, too.   Double-drat!




Next, I cut out a new and improved leaf.  This time I checked to see that the leaves have some contrast.  They do!  And, then, I stitched everything back in place.  Much better. (sigh of relief!)


Speaking of leaves, I have just posted another Youtube video on how to tackle those deep inner curves on the fern in this vase.  You can see it here.

And, my Sunday Afternoon Applique Group met yesterday and had just a bit of Show and Tell.  This is Lynn’s “Stitcher’s Garden” from a class she is taking at Country Concession, one of our local quilt shops.  As you can see in my recent posts about our group, Lynn is one talented (and productive!) quilter!


The daughter of one of our members in the group is going through a round of cancer treatments.  So we are doing what all quilters do when we want to show we care…we are making a quilt for her.  Here are some of the blocks, and I am expecting more to be handed in by the end of the week.  I’ll keep you posted on the progress of the quilt…


Til next time…



21 thoughts on “Something not quite right…..

  1. Thanks for sharing changing of the leaf and the lesson on colour value. Thanks also for the you tube lesson on gluing, that is fabulous. I used spray starch for my first ever applique quilt in the early 80’s, didn’t have a stiletto and had to watch my fingers (bigger curves, thank goodness!) I was thankful when the glue tube lessons came about, but this looks so much better and faster and no freezer paper to take out!!! May I ask what kind of iron you use? I have a very small one, but it doesn’t work well and yours certainly looks like a gem. Many thanks for these invaluable lessons.

  2. Nice catch on the leaf, Kerry! And the video was good, and thank you very much for posting. But have you noticed that your hand is in the way of the camera, so we can’t actually see what you are doing? I know this took some time and effort, and well done on that front. I wonder if you might consider the camera angle on future videos. It would be a shame to miss a single bit of your applique talent!


  3. Thank you Kerry for another great tutorial that shows exactly what to do!! I am just learning how to do this technique and feel like I’m all thumbs.
    would love another look on tackling sharp points, like at the end of a bow.
    Thank you for all your wonderful help!

  4. In those situations I always go back and forth whether to unstitch or not and I dont know why, because I know I will feel much better when I do. Not only that, but it will look better as well. Your work is just perfect. Thanks for taking the time to share!

  5. I didn’t realize that you had video tutorials. I just watched the deep inner curve video and will watch others as time allows. Thank you for sharing your expertise. I have only tried the starch method once and it was a dismal failure for me.
    What brand of scissors are you using in the video? I like the large handle area.

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