Progress feels good!

I am finally seeing some progress on a few of the quilts I am working on.  As you can tell, I like to hand-applique and hand-quilt.  As we all are very aware, both are time consuming, and it can be a long time before any results can be seen. So when I get close to finishing anything, I get really excited

First, I woke up yesterday with one thing on my mind.  Finishing the hand-quilting on Circle of Tulips!  I am sooooo close!  I must admit, though, I have been in my pre-mourning stage for a week or two.  I start to miss the quilt before it’s even finished and I wonder what I will do to fill the void.  Sad, but true!!

circle of tulips 1

So, after a couple of hours  of stitching and watching re-runs of Downton Abbey, I am finished!  Yippee!!



Now, I just have to bind it!  The pattern for this block is available as a free download on my website.

I have also been making some progress on the second border of Sue Garman’s “Friends of Baltimore”.  This is the left side of the vase almost finished.DSCN5735

So, now it’s time to start the right side of the vase!  I added the fern and a few roses and buds.


These borders have lots (I mean lots!) of bias stems on it.  So I end up with lots of short pieces.  This is how I use up those tiny pieces…

I find a spot on the pattern where I can inconspicuously hide the joins.  Now you see the joins….


…and now you don’t!!


To keep my (extremely unorganized) self from losing track of all those leaves and flowers, I prep them in my usual way and then I glue the pieces to the paper pattern.  Also, when I cut the freezer paper shapes out, I place them on the paper pattern in the spot they will eventually be glued and stitched, just to keep everything nice and organized.


So, now I just pick up each piece and place it on the background.  Easy peasy!


So…here is the right side of the border!


And, finally, the border is (almost!) finished…I just have a bit of stitching to do!


Til next time…



25 thoughts on “Progress feels good!

  1. Love, love the handquilting!! It’s a beautiful quilt and I look forward to seeing it trimmed and bound – it’ll be even more beautiful. Your vase border is gorgeous as well!

  2. Your stitching is just incredible! Love all your work and I’m sure you’ll soon find another to fill the void.:) The applique border is wonderful!

  3. Maryellyn
    I love that you are so generous with your design ideas and enable those who are following you to utilize what you have learned. Your work is so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Kerry, how do you keep the freezer paper pieces from flying off your pattern? Do you use a spot of glue on them?
    Your Tulip quilt border is really over the top beautiful! I love piano key stitching. And your FOB vase is so exquisite. Love, love your work.

  5. Wish I can hand quilt like that. My quilting tends to look primitive. Lots of big and uneven stitches try as I might. But atleast I keep at it, and I imagine one day Ill notice improvement.

    • What kind of batting are you using? Try using wool or a good quality thin polyester to get those tiny stitches. Mind you, I love the look of primitive stitching, especially with a heavier cotton thread. It does take some practice, so keep stitching!

  6. I can’t wait to see what you choose for your binding. That is always the hardest choice for me. I start selecting from the beginning and often buy four or five before I am finished and ready to use it. Your work is superb and sue’s patterns are glorious so what’s not to love? Congrats! Gale Polk

    • I am hemming and hawing about my binding. All along I assumed I would use pink, but I used ping in the little inner border and I can’t seem to match it. Then I thought of white, but wanted the binding to actually be a frame for the scallops. So I have (tentatively!) decided on green…I think!

  7. Kerry…just wanted you to know that you have so inspired me, that I just ordered a block of the month for the Friends of Baltimore quilt. I am so glad that I will have all your posts to guide me in making this beautiful quilt.
    Thank you for all your wonderful advice. Hope to meet you at an Applique conference someday!!

  8. Beautiful work Kerry. I can hardly wait to start the quilting on our wallhaniging and see what it looks like finished.

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