Block #4 The Summer Vase

It’s that time again!  Time to post the next block of  “To Everything There Is A Season”, a block-of-the-month I launched in April.  The first 4  blocks are available on my website.  There will be 12 blocks in total and a centre medallion and borders.  You have your choice of a paper pattern mailed to you, or a digital copy that I will email to you.

Summer vase photo for blog

This block was an absolute delight to make!  I am going to show you a few tricks to make this block go really smoothly.  First, this is how I make my really skinny bias stems.  I make a piece of bias using my 1/4″ bias maker.


Next, I iron it half lenthwise to set the fold.  I run a line of glue down the centre of the strip…


…and finger press it in half.  As you can see, it really is skinny compared to a “regular” 1/4″ stem.  It also has some “dimension”.


It really is a lot easier to construct these flowers “off block”.  To do that, I build the flowers on my applique pressing sheet.  I actually glue the pieces to the appliue pressing sheet and wait for the glue to dry.  Then I just peel the flowers off…..admire it….and then pop it in place!



So, next I added the dainty little blue and pink flowers and some purple berries…


The tiny pink buds just made my heart sing!


And, of course, no summer bouquet is complete without a bee….bzzzzzz!


Til next time…



8 thoughts on “Block #4 The Summer Vase

  1. Those little pink buds make my heart sing too!
    It’s taking all if my self discipline to not add this project to my life right now. I declared this year as my year for finishing unfinished projects, and I’m really getting somewhere. If I do two a month for the rest of the year, I can be finished, which would be a glorious thing. (I started that list 5 years ago!). I love this, though. It may be calling my name in January!

  2. I’ve been agonizing over a block that I wanted add “super skinny stems” and your post was just the nudge I needed. I can’t wait to get home and fold my “big” 1/4″ bias strips in half.

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