Moving right along…

I have  gone as far as I can go stitching the pieces on this block.  The remaining pieces will cover the seam that joins the block and the border, so those pieces cannot be stitched until the block and border are sewn together.  This presents a bit of a problem…..I am not going to wash the block before I stitch it to the border, because some of the pieces are just glued (and not stitched).  The reason for that is some of the vines from the border tuck under some of the pieces on the block.  My idea is to wash the block once it attached to the quilt.  I picture just dipping the 4 corners in the sink, one at a time.  This first block will be an experiment to see if that will work.  Keep your fingers crossed!


When I first marked the block, I also marked the seam line and the cutting line.  That way when it comes time to trim the excess off, I don’t have to wonder “Is that the seam line or the cutting line?”  I know it is only a 1/4″, but it would truly be a disaster if I cut on the seam line!  The solid line is the seam line and the dotted line is the cutting line.



Next, I lined up the border and the block and stitched them together.  Notice I didn’t trim the 3 remaining sides of the block, just the one I am stitching right now.



So now, I can prep and stitch the remaining pieces in place…and do some embroidery!


Til next time…



11 thoughts on “Moving right along…

  1. Thanks for your clear, concise descriptions and wonderful photographs. Your work is beautiful and I only wish I could see it in person!

  2. I like the fabric choice for the bowl. I am just starting the Beyond the Cherry trees from Sentimental Stitches and it has several bowl blocks.

  3. I am so inspired by your work. Just beautiful.
    When you join two background pieces together and then appliqué over them, do you ever have the seam show through the appliqué? I have had that issue and just wondered if you might have some tips?

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