Third Finish of the Year!

For some reason this post from yesterday disappeared:(  So I am re-posting it.  Thank you, technology, for keeping me on my toes…

We have had a couple of cool evenings lately, so it seemed like a good time to stitch the binding on Circle of Tulips.  So this is my third (!) finish of 2014!   My first finish was Owen’s quilt…


…and my second finish was Civil War Bride..


So, once I finished the binding, it was time to wash the quilt.  I didn’t have the heart to put this quilt in the washing machine, so I decided on the bathtub instead.  First, I filled the tub with cool water…


…and added half a scoop of Oxi-Clean.


I let the quilt soak for about an hour, swishing it around with my hands now and then.  I used a wool batt so once the quilt was wet, it smelled very much like a wet dog!


I let the water drain out, rinsed the quilt under the tap (the quilt was very, very heavy) and pressed out as much of the water as I could.  I carried it downstairs where I had laid out a thick, clean blanket.  I placed the quilt on the blanket and smoothed it out, making the edges as square as I could.


Even though I squeezed out a lot of water, within minutes the water was starting to be absorbed by the thick blanket.  I could have used towels, but I didn’t have enough clean towels at the time!  As you can see, even after soaking for an hour, the marks left behind from the Frixion marker did not come out, but I had a plan for that!


Once the quilt was completely dry, I used my steam iron to remove the pen marks.  I never touched the quilt with the iron, I just held the iron 1/2″ or so away from the quilt and let the steam do the work.  So this picture is before I steamed it…


…and after I steamed it.  Magical!


Til next time…





9 thoughts on “Third Finish of the Year!

  1. Congrats on your 3 fabulous finishes, Kerry. I do a modified washing to your bathtub method. I fill the machine with cool water and the half scoop of Oxi-Clean, but add a couple of Color Catchers just in case. I let it agitate a couple of seconds then turn it off. I add the quilt, then I agitate it by hand for a couple of turns. I let it sit for an hour and spin. I let the machine fill for the rinse and again agitate by hand for a little bit. I then let it spin again. Then I lay it on the blanket and sheet to block. I just can’t lift it any more with all the water they still have. Great to know how to remove the Frixion – thanks!

  2. A helpful little hint in washing or soaking quilts new or old in the bathtub. I press the water out as you did getting as much of the water out as possible after rinsing thoroughly. Then rather than lift the wet quilt risking stitches breaking from the weight of the wet quilt I simply roll it gently into a clean plastic laundry basket. Then I roll the quilt out onto a clean blanket or towels to dry. Yours turned out beautifully. Thanks for sharing.

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