Setting Sail

After I finished the second border of Sue Garman’s “Friends of Baltimore”, I was ready for a bit of a break!  I took a couple of days and started the next block of “Ladies of the Sea”.  First I glued the bias in place for the wreath of leaves and flowers.  I find it easier to put glue on the background rather than on the bias stem.



It took me a while to find 3 blues in my stash that worked as light, medium and dark flowers in the same tones.  Here is the dark….


…and the medium….


….and, finally, light!


Next, I added the leaves.


Next, I started to add the parts of The Elissa.  I decided to cut the masts into sections, rather than use one long piece.  That way, the brown fabric would not show behinds the white sails.  Did you notice that the very bottom piece of the mast does not line up with the other pieces of the mast?  Oops…I didn’t notice until the sails were appliqued on top!


It just took a little unstitching before the mast looked straight!  So far, so good!


Last September, I showed you a nifty thing I purchased on our local Shop Hop.  It is called Triangulations by Brenda Henning.  You can see more about it here.  It is an easy way to make half square triangles.  I have been working away on these when I have a few minutes to spare.  I now have a substantial amount of HSt’s and after experimenting with many different settings, this is what I have decided on.  I am not sure how I will set the blocks or if I will use a sashing or just stitch all the blocks together in rows.  For now, I am just having fun making blocks!


Til next time…



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