To Everything There Is A Season…Block 7

Here it is the beginning of another month and that means it’s time to post the next block of a block-of -the-month I launched back in April.  To see the last 6 blocks, click here.

For those that have ordered the patterns, thank you very much!!  I am really overwhelmed by the positive response to the patterns.  I’ll answer some FAQs…there will be 12 blocks in total.  The blocks measure 18″ x 18″ without the seam allowance.  There is be a beautiful center medallion that combines elements of all the blocks.  It is spectacular!  And, finally, there will be outer borders.  The finished size should approximately 90″ square.

There are 2 ways to order the pattern, which are available on my website.  You can purchase a full size paper pattern and I will send it to you in the mail.  The cost is $10.00 and includes shipping in Canada and the US and also includes a colour picture of the block or….you can purchase the downloadable pattern for $7.00.  Some people have had trouble downloading the pattern (you will need Adobe Reader to download the patterns) and for those people, I sent a 6 page PDF of the pattern which seems to have worked well.  This month I have included the 6 page PDF in the link. along with the full-size pattern and a colour picture.  Hopefully that works for everyone!

So….here is the block!

Apple Basket

I must admit this block intimidated me because of the shading and I just didn’t know if I could carry it off.  I procrastinated all month long (not like me at all!) and when we came back from Barbados I finally started the block.  That way, I only had one week to make the block.  Talk about pressure, but sometimes that is the only way to get things done!!  Can anyone relate to that?

So I started (very cautiously) with some leaves…


…then I added a few apples and thought they looked pretty darn good!


So good, in fact, that I added a whole basket full of them.


I knew I had some wood grain fabric left over from a BOM I did about 10 years ago and I searched my sewing room until I found it.


Next, I added the straw…..


…and finally, a sweet little bird!


Til next time…



7 thoughts on “To Everything There Is A Season…Block 7

  1. Well, I have ordered all 6 and will be ordering the remaining as they become available. This will be a stunning quilt in Batiks! Beautiful work. AND I enjoyed your video’s. PS Do not forget to turn that light box on (ha ha). How about remembering to close the cap after filling up at the service station…..Duh – wild day here in LV, Texas.

  2. Oh my gosh! Your bird is SO adorable, your basket looks unbelievably realistic, and I feel like I could reach out and take a bite out of those apples! What method do you use to preturn your applique shapes, by the way? I notice that you have traced the pattern directly onto your block background with a blue pen (washaway?). I have been fussing and fiddling with light boxes and vinyl overlays that are driving me nuts. I wish I could find a way to needleturn my shapes but still use your method for positioning pieces, but I don’t know how I’d see the lines on the background fabric through the turning allowance of my applique pieces. I’m still experimenting with different methods to see what works best for me. Your work is truly inspirational!

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