A New Hoop and Other Fun Stuff!

Earlier this year, I treated myself to a new quilt hoop.  I have always hand quilted using a hoop, and I thought it was time to graduate to the kind of hoop with a base that tucks under my legs, which leaves my hands free to quilt.  I love it!!  No more aching shoulders and neck, because the quilt is supported with the hoop and not my arms.


Today, we discovered that my hoop also can be used as the perfect hiding spot.  “Gee..has anyone seen the cat?”


“Here he is!”  Sneaky!

bruin under hoop

Last year I taught a Beginner Applique Class to a great group of ladies.  They wanted to continue to improve their  skills, so I am teaching them how to make a Baltimore quilt.  Pretty ambitious, I know!  But I have faith in them!  Yesterday was our first day.  We will meet once a month and work on various blocks while learning new techniques.  These are the fabrics I will be using for my blocks.


Here is first block.  It is a variation of the Rose of Sharon block.


First I started with the buds.  The buds actually are made of two layers of fabrics.


Next, I added the leaves…DSCN6135

…and some more leaves and some bias stems.

photo 3 (1)

Next, it was time to stitch the flowers.  The flowers are also two layers, so I wanted to reduce the bulk before I stitched them onto the background.  First I prepped both layers.

Then I stitched the top layer onto the bottom layer.


Next, I carefully trimmed the bottom layer of fabric away, cutting a 1/4″ away from the stitching.


And finally, I added the flowers to the block.


I am still working away on the third border of Sue Garman’s “Friends of Baltimore” quilt.  I have finished the right side of the vase and now I am working on the left side.





Til next time…






18 thoughts on “A New Hoop and Other Fun Stuff!

  1. Looking good! Teaching is fun, especially when the students are passionate about learning.
    I received my patterns. I am looking forward to getting started on them. Have a great day and that kitty cat is so cute. We had a cat for a year and then Scooter fanged me and I had an 8 day visit in the hospital with 50 pack of IV antibiotics – it was cat scratch fever and I told them to not tell me how sick I really was. It could have killed me. Scooter was given to a friend and we are not forever pet-less.
    He was an outdoor cat.

  2. I enjoy your blog. I liked your lesson on the rose of Sharon and cutting the back away to prevent fabric buildup. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wish I could be in your class. Those tutorials are just about as good. Love your hoop. Does the hoop swivel? What Baltimore book is that. I do have a couple of those books but not sure if that was it

  4. I love the progress you’ve made on the third border. Sue’s Friends of Baltimore quilt is my 2015 goal quilt, the carrot I’ve promised myself for getting every single one of my UFOs done in 2014. I’m close – one more pieced quilt and two smocked dresses and I’ll have a clear slate. In the meantime, I love watching yours take shape.

  5. I love the pictures of the applique. I’m going to save them for inspiration on my next project. I may even try something like them on one of the Ladies borders.

    Your Blog has been such an inspiration it makes me wish I lived closer so I could take one of your classes.

    Happy stitching

  6. It is so inspiring to watch your Friends of Baltimore quilt come alive. I had the honor of meeting Sue Garman in Nebraska at Baltimore on the Prairie last month. Her work…and energy level…is amazing. Thank you Kerry for sharing your beautiful work and all those helpful tips.
    Did you use a stencil to mark your hexie quilt with the fan design?

  7. Ooh, Kerry, those ladies are so lucky to be able to learn from you! I love the effect of the double layer on those little buds. That’s shaping up to be a beautiful Rose of Sharon block.

    What kind of lap hoop did you get? I have a Grace lap hoop for hand quilting that is square, and the base of it sits on top of my lap. I haven’t done any hand quilting in awhile — I really need to move one of my in-progress quilts along to the quilting phase instead of starting new ones!

  8. Kerri, I think it’s great that you can get so much done. You never seem to get in a rut or be in a funk. What’s your secrect?
    Your work is so precise, I really love it.

  9. Looks like a great hoop! Love your Rose of Sharon variation block–wonderful.:) Lucky, lucky ladies to get to take a class with you!

  10. Hello Kerry Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I love the grandmas garden (which is the one I’ve just finished and sent you a pic of) and now realise I maybe should have put a white border on. Yours is lovely. You mentioned you were starting a Baltimore quilt with a new class. Will you be putting the pattern on your website as I would love to follow and make alongside your beginners class, not possible loving in Cyprus! Regards to you. Barbara Jones Cyprus

    Sent from my iPad


    • Hi Barbara: Thanks for the comment. I remember the pic you sent me of your GFG, and I loved how you did the half-flowers around the border!
      The quilt that the Baltimore class is starting will be made of blocks from a variety of applique books, so I won’t be able to sell those patterns on my website. I will include the information (which book, page number etc.) for the blocks so you can purchase the books and follow along. I will be designing a new quilt in the new year and those patterns will be available on my website.

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