Stitching the weekend away….

Last night I put the last quilting stitch in my Grandmother’s Flower Garden.  I started this quilt soon after visiting “The City Quilter” in New York, where I innocently purchased a few packages of paper hexies.  You can see that post here.  I am toying with the idea of doing a binding with an added flange, just for something different!


I spent Friday evening adding the red berries and embroidering the stems to the border of Friends of Baltimore.  I used 2 strands of embroidery thread for  the stems and one strand for the tendrils around each rose.


Once the yellow centers were added to each rose…


…..I filled the bathtub with hot, soapy water and tossed the border into the tub.  You can read this post and see why I do this!


So, this morning, I was ready to trim the border to the proper size (I always cut my blocks and borders larger that required to allow for shrinkage). The border was a little wrinkled after it dried and so I placed it right side down on a thick towel and pressed it.


Then I placed the border on the paper pattern and pinned it in place matching the leaves and flowers.


I marked the finished line on the border with a washable blue marker and then unpinned it from the paper pattern.  Next, I took my rotary cutter and a long ruler and trimmed 1/4″ away from the blue mark.  Not going to lie, this is always a little nerve-racking.  A lot could go wrong at this point!


So…this is what the border will look like once it is stitched to the rest of the quilt, but I can’t add the border until the corner block is finished.


Til next time….



17 thoughts on “Stitching the weekend away….

  1. Love the hexie pastels. The Baptist fan quilting makes it a bit different. I am sure you will think of something nice for binding. Friends of Baltimore is gorgeous.

  2. A lot of work in that Friends of Baltimore. I bought the border patterns and 1st month’s patterns…still considering…lots of UFOs. Your work is inspiring.

  3. Love the Baptist Fan quilting! That’s what I’d planned for my hexie quilt as well. It just hasn’t made it to the top of the queue yet. Your FOB is glorious! I’m doing Mama Said first. Need to get 4 other Baltimores quilted before I start FOB, BG. Greetings from Alberta.

  4. I must love that GFG quilt. Now it seems like you need a granddaughter to give it to!
    The more work you do on that FOB, the more intimidating it seems to me! It’s just outstanding.

  5. Kerry, this is BREATHTAKING!! Trimming completed applique blocks is terrifying to me as an applique newbie. The applique lifts my ruler up so it isn’t in contact with the fabric edge that I’m trimming. I feel like the Applique Goddesses must have a secret for keeping that fabric edge still for a nice, straight trim.

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