Special Fabric….Part 2

So, the “special fabric” has shown up again!  This time, on a label.  First, I found a font that looked a lot like my handwriting (if I had really neat handwriting!) and printed it out on a sheet of paper.


Next, I ironed a sheet of freezer paper to the back of the white fabric that I am going to use for the label.  Adding freezer paper to the back just makes it so much easier to trace the lettering, which I did with a Clover water soluble marker.  Then I put the kettle on and made a pot of tea.


And then I sat and stitched….and drank a lot of tea.



Once the lettering was  finished, I stitched the bird.  That is where the fabric shows up!


So, which quilt is this label for? And who is the quilt for?  The label is for my Grandmother’s Flower Garden.


I finished stitching the binding on November 10th, and our precious granddaughter, Grace, was born November 11!!  How is that for timing?  I started this quilt back in the spring when my son and daughter-in-law announced their happy news.  They chose not to find out if they were having a girl or boy, so making a quilt to celebrate the birth of our first grandchild was easy.  I just chose fabrics that said “happy” and “cheerful” and started stitching!

And here is Grace and her quilt.  Sweet!


Til next time….





18 thoughts on “Special Fabric….Part 2

  1. Perfect quilt, labeled for a precious first grandchild. What a great way to end the year. Love the memories of my first grandchild, she is even more beautiful as are all those who followed. One of the happiest days of my life was my first grandchild. Thank you for sharing all the beauty in your life.

  2. (Shouting) CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    A beautiful quilt for a beautiful girl. I love her name. It is Victoria’s middle name. (The one who sat with me during my tutorial.)
    I cannot imagine what a happy, happy time it must be, to enjoy all those newborn cuddles, without the sleepless nights.

  3. Congratulations on your new grandchild!! What a beautiful gift to welcome this precious little bundle of joy! Love that you included some “special” fabric. It is all very heart warming. She is precious!

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