To Everything There Is A Season…Block 9

It’s that time again!  Time to post the next block of “To Everything There Is A Season”, a BOM I launched back in April.  It’s hard to believe this is the 9th block…3 more to go!  This month’s block (and the previous 8) are available on my website Simple Bird Studio.

This block looks intimidating, but do not be fooled!  It is an easy block, with lots of pieces.  How many pieces you ask?  There are 320 pieces in this block.  I counted them myself!

I started in the center with the holly leaves.


Then I added some berries.


I am stitching as I go…prep a bit…stitch a bit…


Next, I started to add the pine boughs.  This is where the fun begins!  For the pine needles, I used my bias bars to make strips and then cut the strips into shorter pieces.  The ends of each of these pieces are turned under and stitched.




Let me tell you about the pine cones.  I constructed them off-block and then stitched them in place.  Not just one pine cone….


…not just 4 pine cones….


Eight pine cones and some frosty snowflakes!  Chilly!

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Til next time…



9 thoughts on “To Everything There Is A Season…Block 9

  1. Oops. Mistyped my email. So trying again! Your block is gorgeous, especially the pine cones! Would love a tutorial on making them, off block. Thanks!

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