Using My Time Wisely!

Yesterday morning I spent a bit of time preparing for our Christmas dinner.  We were expecting about 10 people, which is a smaller group than we are used to.  So, I peeled the carrots and potatoes…..


….made cranberry sauce…


…made lots of dressing….


..and put the turkey in the oven.


I still had an hour or so before our guests were supposed to start arriving.  So I decided to use my time very wisely.  I started putting the finishing touches on the left-hand side of the border.  I added the tiny yellow centers to the roses.  And I added the red berries.


I added the yellow circles to the blue flowers.


Then the guest started to arrive.  So, now I’ll have to find a bit of time to stitch these tiny pieces in place!  Hope you are enjoying this holiday season and you are finding a little time to stitch!

Til next time….



2 thoughts on “Using My Time Wisely!

  1. Very wisely indeed.:) I was so frazzled that dinner was almost completely done Christmas day before my daughter pointed out that we had forgotten the potatoes!!

  2. Wishing you, your family and friends a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..and from your pics a fabulous Christmas meal. We are lucky enough to be England for the holidays with the added attraction of snow!! A far cry from my sunny Cyprus lol. Will be able to pick up some material here in the uk which I struggle to get in Cyprus ready for your new blocks next year, no pressure Kerry (joking)
    Best regards. Barbara Jones Cyprus

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