So Close to a Finish!

I am in the process of finishing  the fourth and final (!) border of Sue Garman’s “Friends of Baltimore”.  Once the flowers, vines and leaves were finished, I appliqued all of the tiny details, like the red berries, the yellow centers of the roses.  The embroidery is done with just one strand of floss.


Once that was finally finished, I did what I did to all of my blocks and borders once I am finished stitching them….I poured a warm bath, added some suds….and tossed the border in!


Why do I do this?  I do this because I use glue, starch and marking pens on my quilt blocks, so I want all of that to be removed before I stitch the blocks together.  If you want, you can watch my Youtube video on Washing Blocks and you can also check out this post.

After the border was dry, I auditioned it along side the rest of the quilt.  I think Jenny and Bruin are pleased with the results!


As you can see, I am not finished yet!  I still have the remaining 2 corner blocks to do.  Wanting to keep the momentum going, I started with the vase, an easy place to start.




Next, I started to add some leaves to the vase.  I have found this little tip to be very helpful when lining up mulitple pieces.  I prep the piece as usual and then remove the freezer paper template.  I flip the template over and place it on top of the prepped piece.  Then I draw on the remaining seam allowance.



As you start to glue the pieces in place, you can also see the emerging shape that will cover all of those raw edges (in this case, the rose).DSCN6548



And now I can start to fill in the rest of the vase.  Lovely!


Til next time….



28 thoughts on “So Close to a Finish!

  1. Kerry, it is a stunner already – what progress you have made! I invite you to link this gorgeous work to WIPs Be Gone because knowing you a bit, I know it will be a finish soon, and we’re about progress, so this post fits the bill as they say. Ends tonight, midnight.

  2. Hi Kerry, Your tips have been so helpful to me, and I continue with your method of applique. I really appreciate you taking the time and showing us all the tips to make it easier to do. You do such beautiful work and you are an inspiration to me. THANK YOU!!!
    Martha from Tellico Plains, TN

  3. GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS!!!!! And I heartily agree with ‘tellicograndma’, I also really appreciate your wonderful tips and cannot Thank You enough for sharing them with us!!!

  4. It is just beautiful. Prior to following your blog I was a needle turn fan! Once I started your blog I am now a true believer of iron and glue. Even with the time sitting to iron the total process of applique is so much faster. Thank You!!
    Marlee normally from Maine currently in Pensacola Floride

  5. I’m sitting on pins and needles waiting to see he finished top. I tell you each time that you have selected beautiful fabrics for the applique.

  6. You bring such joy to us hand appliquers – we are not alone! Thank you so much for all that you share. I told my class of beginners to have a good read of your blog before we started – they were practically banging down the door of the classroom with excitement. The beauty of handwork will always be appreciated. I am about to start Barbara Brackman’s applique quilt “The Garden”. Ooooooh

  7. You are an amazement to me. I applique as well but I have never reached your ability. I only have one admirer of my workers. AYOU think maybe that is it lol. Serious about animals as well. I wish I could see this up front and close, each little piece, not to judge, never do that but to see the wonderment of your work. All I can say, is congrats and keep up the great work you do.

    Sent from my iPad

  8. I am near Roanoke now, use to live all around with my husband’s positions even Hagerstown at one time. In NJ, I help start a small club in 1976 if you can remember that important year. I won a second place ribbon at the SC State Fair when a neighbor too a quilt off one of our beds and entered it. I was surprised to win but it was all by hand and you know those win always, or they did then. Where are you what State. If you belong to BAS I guess you are fro MD.

    Thanks Shari Michener

    Sent from my iPad

  9. Kerry, this quilt is SO STUNNING!! Do you “bubble bath” your applique blocks and borders before trimming them to size? I finished all the applique blocks for a Christmas quilt last year and then, after the last block was done, I realized that the red batik fabric I used for berries on EVERY SINGLE APPLIQUE BLOCK is a dye bleeder. I was so discouraged I set the whole thing aside. I did not think it would be safe to try to wash out excess dye from the individual blocks because the edges might fray too much or distort or whatever. If that happened, I wouldn’t be able to trim them down any more than they are. I’m off to watch your YouTube video and read your other post, but had to comment on your gorgeous Baltimore project first. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

    • Hi Rebecca: Thanks for the comment!! Yes I buble bath my blocks and border before trimming them to the correct size. I cut all my blocks and borders 2-3 larger than the finsihed size to allow for shrinkage and fraying. I also prewash all my fabrics in Synthrapol so that they do not bleed during this process. I’ll check into the Youtube link. Thanks!

  10. Kerry, this is so beautiful- words escape me. I want to echo the sentiment shared by the others; thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with all of us.. it’s very appreciated. I’ve wanted to do “Ladies of the Sea” for a while now and seeing your quilt has just pushed my inspiration-o-meter to the plus side.. excuse me while I go look for the pattern now!

    Hugs, Jo 🙂

  11. I know you hand quilt so I have a question. How do you choose what quilting pattern/design to do around your applique? I’m wanting to get away from just doing stitch in the ditch or grids.

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