Very Slow Stitching Sunday

I have finally(!) finished all of the applique and embroidery on by Friends of Baltimore!  Yippee!


Today, I am stitching the 342 half-square triangles that will go all around the quilt.  Because I am so very close to a finish, it just seems to be taking forever to sew these triangles together.  If you would like to see how I stitch my triangles, you can look at this post.


I am linking up to Slow Stitching Sunday and also WIPs Be Gone.  Check out both sites and see some awesome stitching!

Til next time….



14 thoughts on “Very Slow Stitching Sunday

  1. Learned something new – one can leave a comment on a photo. ??? Well, congrats again, Kerry! for your applique magnificence. 342 hsts?? Wow – and I thought it bad having to make 78 prairie points- LOL. Thanks taking the time off from those triangles to link to WIPs Be Gone

  2. Where to begin..Lets see, first: what brilliant and inspirational work! My fingers ITCH after It read a post from simp,e bird appliqué. Second, Thank you for the time you put into sharing your work and especially the step by steps you generously include. It means so much. Finally, I have just finished watching your video on deep vees done on a Sue Garman fern (I think…). wonderful. Can you tell me what kind of iron you use? It looks perfect for seeing your work. Again, my gratitude for your generosity and congratulations for amazing work. Toni

    Toni Bauman


  3. Yes it does seem harder as we get closer to finishing. I find if I just tried to enjoy the process and forget about the goal of finishing I enjoy all it much much more.

  4. Your quilt is so beautiful! I wish I could do applique and get the pieces smooth. I have tried many possibilities. I love the triangles that just off set your beautiful applique.

  5. Bunny, I have been watching you make FOB for the past year, and watching how you prep with great interest. I’ve been a needleturner for a very long time but after seeing your wonderful work, I bought Jeanne’s book and am going to give this another try when I get home from holidays. You must be very proud of accomplishing this magnificent quilt top.

  6. I almost panicked when I read how much you loved Inkligo! Iwanted to tap you on the shoulder and say “Scuse me – the applique?”. Phew, great to see the top of your head once more!

  7. Why not sew on foundation paper and after sewing you pull the paper away? Isn’t that a quicker way? I admire your perseverance with this one! I’ve done 5 blocks and 1 border and I love it up till now. I have your photo’s and stories to go on and on and on!

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