Basting and Basting and Basting!


My initial thought was to put “Friends of Baltimore” away for a while before starting to handquilt it.  You know…maybe start a new quilt….finish up a quilt or two…I just needed a bit of “space” between the quilt and I.  But, for reasons I cannot explain, I found myslef in my local quilt store on Thursday buying a king size wool batt and 9 meters of unbleached muslin for the back.  I came home and washed the backing and stitched it together in three equal sections.  Next thing I know, I am laying the backing and batting out (with the help of my daughter) and laying the quilt on top.  And then I spent the day basting the layers together.  A huge job…but well worth it.






I didn’t mark the quilt because I am not sure how I am going to quilt it yet.  Sounds odd, I know.  To be perfectly honest, I am more concerned about how I am going to keep the cat off of it!

Til next time…




18 thoughts on “Basting and Basting and Basting!

  1. It wants to travel and won’t give you rest until you’ve finished it! It’s crazy how inanimate objects have a mind of thier own. It looks gorgeous laid out on those tables.

  2. I agree with Dawn! It is a masterpiece! However there’s no way you can keep your cat off it…sorry. They are compelled to inspect. So when you baste, does your needle scratch your table? How does that work exactly? Anyway, it is a lovely quilt and will will all the prizes in whatever contest you enter!

  3. What a stunning quilt! Absolutely beautiful. I have a question about your basting technique. Do you clamp or anchor the backing fabric to the table in any way or just smooth all of the layers and not anchor the backing layer? I am getting ready to hand quilt a top that my great grandmother made and would love to not crawl around on the floor to baste it!

  4. What a masterpiece – your work is simply amazing! I think it is so satisfying to get a quilt basted and ready for quilting. It really feels like the end is in sight!

  5. Kerry you have really inspired me! I ordered the first block of the pattern and have bought the background fabric. As soon as I finish piecing my current applique quilt, I will start on my own Friends of Baltimore. I will also hand quilt mine, so I’m excited to see how you quilt yours. Thanks again for the inspiration.

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