Slow Stitching Sunday, Indeed!

Yes, indeed, it has been a Slow Stitching Sunday!  I am finally recovering from a nasty case of strep throat that left me feeling so drained that all I could do was sleep for the last 3 days, so I didn’t get much stitching done this past week.  However, I thought a lot about stitching!  I thought about how I wanted to quilt FOB.  Sometimes it’s easier to figure out what you don’t want to do, rather than what you want to do.  A process of elimination, of sorts.  I knew I didn’t want to cross-hatch this quilt.  Yes, it would be lovely, for sure, but I cross-hatched the last 2 quilts and I am desperate for a change.



I have decided to do a combination of echo quilting and stippling in the background and just some simple quilting on the applique sections.  On some of the blocks, where space permits, I would like to quilt some small motifs, like a feather or a heart.  For the quilting on the applique sections, I will match the color of quilting thread to the fabric (red thread on a red rose etc).

I am not sure what I will do when I come to all of those navy blue triangles… I might quilt small circles in them like I did for my Bouquet For A New Day.


Hmmm….I will figure it our when I get there!  So here is what I have done so far.


It took me a while to find the perfect needle for this quilt (Clover Gold Eye #10).  Again…process of elimination!!


I am still loving my Inklingo experience!  Here is my hexie quilt that I started not that long ago using hexies that I printed on fabric and I am hand-stitching.    This quilt just seems to grow bit by bit every day.  I am not sure how large it will end up.  As soon as the beige background runs out, I will be finished!! (I have 4 meters so I am not worried….yet!)


I am linking up to Slow Stitching Sunday and, also, Wips Be Gone.  Check them both out and see what everyone is up to!

Til next time….




9 thoughts on “Slow Stitching Sunday, Indeed!

  1. I am sick of grids too and want to try stippling on Baltimore Garden. Having never done it I may do a practice piece. Are you just eyeballing your stitches?

  2. Sorry to learn that you have been sick and not able to do much stitching. The quilting design you are using in the tulip blocks looks very good. Must take a good bit of time for each one.

  3. Love your quilting Kerry. I think you have some great ideas for the Baltimore, I’ll be watching with interest. Your hexagons are coming along nicely too.

  4. Needles are so personal to the one using them. Glad you could find the perfect fit! Love your stitching on the latest quilt. Wonderful work.:)

  5. I love your appliqué and the quilting looks great. I’ve just downloaded my first Inklingo project and am looking forward to trying a new process. Although I like making hexies with EPP, I also like hand piecing so it should be a nice change.

  6. Your quilting is always beautiful. Good to hear your thinking. Sounds like a good plan for the Baltimore and if there is no marking needed that’s a bonus!

  7. So fun to look at your quilting, it is amazing. Question: when you use different color threads to match the colors of your appliqué, have you ever had a judge in a quilt show tell you this was not acceptable? Happened to me, but i am still so tempted to do it for some of my projects.

  8. I am so inspired by your quilting. It’s something to strive for. Or, I can just continue to send my projects out for someone else to do the hand quilting.

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