Slow progress, but still progress!

The definition of “progress” is: the development, advancement, or improvement, as toward a goal.  If that is the case, then I guess I am making progress on my next journey…handquilting Sue Garman’s “Friends of Baltimore”.  I am  echo quilting and I must say, I love how it looks.  Although, I also must say that I start hyper-ventilating every time I start to think about how long this is going to take!  I am not doing any marking on the background, just eye-balling it.  On some of the blocks, which have a bit more space, I will add some motifs, maybe some feathers, my initials and the date.  Who knows?


Thanks goodness I have someone to keep me company.  That just makes the time go so much quicker!  I started out using a hoop, but I am experimenting with quilting without a hoop and it seems to be working….for now.  I will keep you posted on the slow, but steady, progress!


Last night I finished stitching the top half of my hexie quilt, because what kind of quilter would I be if I didn’t have more that a few intense projects on the go?  Every time I sit and stitch these hexies, I am amazed at how quickly they are going together.  And how easily!  I am using Inklingo to print my shapes.  I have already started printing the next set of shapes for my next hand-piecing project, but I have vowed (definition of vow: to promise solemnly; pledge) to myself that I will only have one hand-piecing project on the go at any given time!!



Til next time….



11 thoughts on “Slow progress, but still progress!

  1. Gracious,
    All that progress doesn’t look slow to me!
    I love how the hand quilting is coming along, as well as the Hexie quilt!

  2. Are you short of blankets or something? Relax, and enjoy making all of those stitches – your quilting looks fabulous! It will be so worth it!

  3. Your echo quilting looks wonderful! I am doing some of that myself at the moment and really enjoying it – so nice not to have to mark isn’t it?

  4. Look at it this way…doing the applique was probably making you hyperventilate at some point, too. And, here you are today with that glorious top. The quilting is fantastic so far. As my husband says, break it down into parts. When you finish a block do a happy dance as if you finished everything you’ve been working on. Next day, start a “new” project, aka, the next block. Go you!!

  5. Your quilting looks fabulous, I adore the look of echo quilting. It’s so worth that extra time, enjoy. The hexies are growing fast, love the peek of the blocks on the design wall.

  6. I have a question. I always quilt on a large stationary frame. However, since you are quilting on a portable frame, do you have a problem with the basted quilt shifting? How large is this particular quilt? I adore your applique quilt and the beautiful hand quilting you are doing on it.

  7. Lovely lovely echoing and to eyeball it and be so even great work! I am wondering how you are going to quilt the sawtooth border after all that quilting in the blocks

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