Adding Borders…and a New Website!!

I am happy to announce that my new (and improved!) website is now up and running.  We still have to add some more products and the free patterns (Peggy’s Puzzle and Circle of Tulips). Thank you for your patience.  I wish time would stand still, just until I catch my breath!

In the meantime, I have been busy stitching the borders on “To Everything There Is A Season” a BOM I launched last April.  I am so close to being finished I can hardly believe it!

After some consideration, I decided to miter the corners of the light blue border and then applique the dark blue curvy piece on to it.



I made a freezer paper template of the long blue sections and prepped them in the usual way.


Instead of cutting 4 very long pieces of dark blue fabric for these borders, I cut 8 shorter ones and pieced them together.  I placed the join right in the middle, where no one will notice it!


Next, I prepped the pieces with my “big girl” iron.


Once I removed the template I stitched the pieces onto the light blue borders.


Voila!!  Well, I would like to say the quilt is now complete, but no…there is still more applique!


The corners each have a spray of seasonal flowers.  I decided to start with the spring corner.  I used an applique pressing sheet to “build” my flowers on it. This is a great way to construct flowers (or any other shape) with many pieces.


Simply lift the flower off the pressing sheet and place it on the background and stitch away!


And here is the Spring Border!


And the Summer Border!  (Yes, I have been busy!!)


And a sneak peek of the Winter Border.  Yes. Really busy!


Til next time…



16 thoughts on “Adding Borders…and a New Website!!

  1. OMG Kerry it is absolutely beautiful…well done!…the applique on the border just finishes it ..pat your self on the back for this one…you nailed it girl! btw I like your big girl iron…lol

  2. Hello Kerry,

    When will the border patterns be available on the website? Will they be available in digital format, or only paper?

    Happy Stitching!

  3. Well, like everyone says, your work is beautiful! It is so great that you are willing to share the process for the rest of us! Thank you!!!

  4. As always, your work is absolutely stunning. The borders make this quilt pop. Love the new website. Easy to navigate. Great job on both! Thank you for enriching our lives with your talent.

  5. Unbelievable, didn’t think this top could get any more spectacular. The additional curved border and corner appliques are ….. unbelievable, over the top.

  6. Hah — you start out saying you need time to stand still so you can catch up, and then we see that you have been getting LOTS of applique done “in your spare time.” 🙂 I agree — the borders are sensational. I needed to see the quilt top before the corner appliques (at which point I would have thought “looks done to me!”) in order to appreciate what a big difference the corner appliques make. They really frame the quilt and draw the viewer’s eye in to the center blocks, almost like an invitation. Just gorgeous.

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