A Very Busy Summer!

It’s been a very busy summer for us this year.  We arrived home from Ottawa late last night where we proudly watched my step-daughter, Alanna, perform on Parliament Hill as part of the Ceremonial Guard.  (She is the one in the red jacket and black furry hat!!)

drill hall

Everyday the band congregates at Drill Hall and marches on to Parliament Hill to perform during the Changing of the Guard Ceremony at 10 am sharp!


Alanna plays alto sax and is living proof that music programs in high school really are extremely important!  Here  she is with her very proud dad.

paul and alanna

As we waited for the band to start marching, I noticed that the Drill Hall has some pretty cute quilty details!




IMG_1537 (1)

Today, we are off to an all day barbecue and pool party for my niece, Olivia, who is going to school in Italy for 6 months.  Oh!  To be young again.  So, I woke up early this morning so I get get some serious prepping time in.

I am thoroughly enjoying working on the first border of Sue Garman’s “Ladies of the Sea”, a quilt I am making for my son Chad.  The pattern for this quilt (and a few others!) are available in my website, Simple Bird Studio.

The pieces are a little larger than Friends of Baltimore, so it doesn’t take that long to feel a real sense of  accomplishment.  As soon as we get back from the barbecue, I will stitch what I have spent the morning prepping!

First, I started with a few bias strips.


Next, I added some leaves and what I believe to be plums…


Next, I added various leaves, flowers, stars and berries.



Not to mention some delightful Lily of the Valley.  Dainty!


So far, so good!


Til next time…




7 thoughts on “A Very Busy Summer!

  1. So delicate! Kerry would those be damson plums? I am growing a damson plum tree. It was planted by a Englishman (no one that you know). As ever, Kerry, you’re not just a passionate crafts woman but you have such wit and a way with the art of writing.

  2. Hi Kerry……Sounds like you are having a fun summer…..A few posts back you mentioned you needle turned the maple leaves as opposed to prepping them…..I have been wondering why….Also why do you prep so much and not just do needle turn ??? Prepping seems to add so much more time to any project……Just curious……Dot M.

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  3. How proud you must feel, she is a gorgeous gal. Love your work and I am sure you have answered this before do you glues pieces on so they stay as you hand appliqué? I am trying my best to get my LE done and am not an experienced appliqué gal. Bunny

  4. Ooh, your Ladies of the Sea will be lovely! I think it’s great that you snapped pictures of “quilty details” in the architecture. We just got home from Charleston, SC where I was doing the same thing. Every wrought iron gate or balcony looked like a quilting design to me!

  5. More and more, I’ve noticed I’m developing quilter’s eye and taking more photos of possibilities than people. In fact, the family is getting into the act and pointing out details – lol. Alanna looks great in her uniform – bet she played well also. Love your Ladies of the Sea – it’s always good to see the wonderful progress you make.

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