A Few Helpful Hints!

A few of you asked if I could do a little tutorial on how I prepped that centre piece in the third block of “Bed of Roses”.  As always,  I am happy to share this with you!

First, I always use 2 layers of freezer paper to make my templates and I iron it to the wrong side of the fabric.


I trim the seam allowance to less than 1/4″, even in the inside curves.


Now I need to clip the inside curves.  By the way, I never clip an outside curve.  Never!

I have drawn lines where I will clip.  (I don’t really draw the lines before I clip them, I am just showing the position of the lines.)  Notice that the lines are always perpendicular to the freezer paper.


It is very important not to clip right to the freezer paper.  I like to leave about 1/8″.


So now, starting at an inside curve,  I apply liquid starch to the seam allowance and pull back the seam allowance with my left hand….


…..then I pick up my mini-iron and iron the seam allowance.


And now, if I did not have the camera in my left hand, I would pick up my stiletto and pick up the mini-iron with my right hand and start to press the seam allowance over the freezer paper.


If really just takes a bit of practice!  Here is what it should start to look like.


Once the piece is completely prepped, I add a tiny dot of glue to each outside curve.


And now I am ready to stitch the piece in place!


Til next time….






26 thoughts on “A Few Helpful Hints!

  1. What a great tutorial so precise I think this needs to be shared with a few of my friends who are struggling. Thank you.

  2. The freezer paper is there when you are ironing, but then it’s gone when you put the glue drops. How do you get the freezer paper out without messing up your applique shape? Your work is SO beautiful, by the way — thank you for sharing your process!

  3. Thanks Kerry. It is amazing to see that it IS possible to do that many tight curves, that close together. It was interesting to see how small you cut your seam allowance, and that you did not clips the outside curves. I did do that on some appliques that I had done, but that made it harder to get a nice smooth edge. You have beautiful smooth lines!!

  4. That’s great looking fabric! I always love your tutorials. I have learned through error on the clipping of the curves and your example is so right on. It’s funny how they don’t work as well if you clip them at an angle.
    As usual I am amazed at how much you get done!
    I just posted my eagle block from my Friends of Baltimore. I love it!! Thanks for all your tutorials and blog posts on this quilt. You helped inspire me to finally jump in with both feet!

  5. Kerry, you show more in a few photos than many do in entire videos! Thank you. I’ve always had so much trouble with inside curves and points. I am definitely going to try the way you just showed.

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