Bed of Roses – Block 4

Block 4 of Sue Garman’s “Bed of Roses” could very well be my favourite block…so far!  Do not be intimidated.  This block is very simple.  Yes…even for a beginner.  First, I started with the bias strips.


Next, I added the leaves.


The flowers are sooooo easy!  They are really all the same shapes, just different sizes.  It is the fabrics that make them come alive!.  I have added 3 more fabrics to this block, so there is a good variety of light, medium and dark pink.





I mean, really, could it get any easier?


So once all the flowers were finished….


…..I added the berries.


By the way, I almost never leave the house without my bag of applique.  We are going to a friend’s cabin for the day, so I am prepared.  Because heaven forbid I sit there with nothing to do!


When I do work at home, Bruin is such a help.  He keeps my pieces warm and organized!


And finally, I added a cute little vase!


Here is the finished block!  Block 4 (and Blocks 1, 2 and 3) are available on my website Simple Bird Studio.


Til next time…..



9 thoughts on “Bed of Roses – Block 4

  1. Kerry – your work and choice of fabrics are just stunning!!! Keep up the great work – it is SO fun to watch your blocks and quilts come together; I think we are all enjoying the journey with you.

  2. Wait — question! I noticed you have your basting glue and loose berries in your take along applique bag. How do you make sure you’re positioning them properly when you glue them down wherever you happen to be? Have you marked placement lines for them on the quilt block? I always thought I had to glue the pieces down at home with the overlay template thingy and THEN I could take the block with me and sew them permanently in place.

  3. Beautiful as always, and I love the bow on the vase – perfect for pink flowers! As for taking my applique with me, I find that I need to look so carefully at what I’m doing that I can’t maintain the eye contact necessary for good conversation when I’m doing applique (or English paper piecing), and I prefer either knitting or gluing down the edges of my EPP hexies. I would prefer to actually accomplish something worthwhile – how do you do it?

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