Wait til you see this!!

When I (finally) finished the applique on “To Everything There Is A Season”, I handed it over to Rose from Fancy Feathers with my usual set of instruction.  My instructions were:  “Do whatever you want.  Surprise me.”  I am that kind of quilter!

So when Rose called Thursday to say the quilt was ready, I could not wait more than a day before I went to get it.  To say Rose did a spectacular job is putting it mildly…extremely mildly!!

I love everything about the way Rose quilted it.  I especially love how the feather borders inside each block do not go all the way around the block, and have a random feel to them.  Love it!!  This pattern was designed by Marilyn at MT Designs.  Marilyn has not seen the finished quilt yet, but she will see it tomorrow at Thanksgiving dinner!  The individual patterns for each of the blocks are available on my website Simple Bird Studio as paper patterns for digital patterns.

So….here you go!














The centre medallion will take your breath away.  I wish you could see this quilt in person!





Till next time….



18 thoughts on “Wait til you see this!!

  1. Wowie! You quilt is spectacular and the quilting just adds to it. I love that she quilted butterflies and hummingbirds; they really enhance your desgins. What a showstopper this is!

  2. AGAIN 2 great talents together! wonderful work and inspiring talent! I was lucky enough to see your other quilt in person at the Simcoe County show a couple of weeks ago!

  3. I love it. The appliqué really looks like it’s three dimensional, with the dense background quilting.
    The hummingbirds in the center are wonderful, and for some reason, the circles in the middle of the sunflower just delight me!

  4. Wish I could have posted but it said it was wrong email and this Is the only one I have that I remembered using. Anyway, what I said is that is was marvelous work by the both Of you

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  5. Personally, I find that too much machine quilting, especially on an appliqued quilt, takes away from the gorgeous applique work. One’s first impression should be the design, the colours and the workmanship of the applique, not the heavy quilting. Besides, it makes for a heavy quilt. Those are my views anyway,

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