Trail Mix Progress and a new project!

I have been making steady progress on my Trail Mix quilt, designed by Laundry Basket Quilts. I must say it is rather addictive cutting and stitching all those tiny little pieces.   Sometimes when I start a new quilt, I set up some rules or guidelines for that quilt.  The rule for this quilt is that I can only use fabrics I have on hand.  It certainly is a nice feeling to use the last bits of some of the fabrics I have had for…well, a really, really long time!!!

Ok, so, you make 4 of these units….


…..and stitch them onto these scrappy blocks.


Here is the first one which fit like a glove!


Here are the second and third units….


I was absolutely delighted when the fourth unit actually fit where it was supposed to without any puckers or pleats!  One down, eight more to go.  Yikes!


So, keeping that scrappy theme, I have started a new applique project that will also have a scrappy feel.  The pattern I am using is “Love is in the Air” by Lori Smith.   I enlarged the patterns by 125% to make the blocks bigger than the original size (8 1/2″).  I am also going to make a scrappy sashing, but more about that later!


For my background fabrics, I am also going with a scrappy look.  I have had this collection of shirtings long enough.  It is now time to use them up!  I’m going to use a different background for each block.  Can’t wait to see what that looks like!!


I started this block like I start all of my applique blocks, I traced the pattern with a blue Clover water soluble marker.  Then I made some bias for the stems (using my 1/4″ bias maker) and I started to make some leaves.  When I do go fabric shopping, I am always on the look out for green fabrics (especially olive greens) that would make awesome leaves.




Next, I chose the fabrics for my flowers.


Each flower has a “bud” and so I chose this darker purple (on the right) as the bud.  I thought there was enough contrast….


…but, as you can see, there really isn’t much contrast.  Unfortunately, the bud gets lost.


So, I opted for a darker, more tone-on-tone bud for both of the flowers.  So far, so good!


Next came the tail feathers for the bird.




And finally, the rest of the bird!  Do you recognize the blue fabric I used for the bird body?  It is the same fabric I used in my Mom’s quilt.  You can read that post here.


Til next time……



10 thoughts on “Trail Mix Progress and a new project!

  1. Wow, lots of exciting progress!! What a cool block for the Trail Mix quilt. Also love the new applique quilt. Beautiful!!

  2. Hi Kerry, I would love to start the Love is in the Air applique quilt. Will you be showing the steps for each block. It’s so much easier to watch you first and then do it. You are such a good teacher and by watching you do it I have become better at applique. Let me know. I love your blog and I love all your beautiful quilts!!!!

  3. I just love Lori’s patterns. I have one in the works – think on 6th block and love it. Never thought of making the blocks bigger. Your block looks gorgeous.

  4. Wow,those are beautiful projects. I love Edyta and did buy her class from Craftsy, but if I will ever make that quilt…? It is a stunner though and I love seeing you make it, love your fabric choices too. Your applique looks really, really neat and precise. Beautiful.

  5. Kerry I love your new appliqué project. Do you use the starch method to make your bias stems too? How big will your blocks be with the 125% enlargement?
    Thank you for all your wonderful tips!!

  6. I had no idea what the Trail Mix design looked like. What an interesting design. Some of Edyta’s patterns contain about a million pieces.
    So many of Lori Smith’s applique patterns could be larger size blocks. Some do not make bed size or even sofa size but are too big for wall quilts. I enlarged some of Lori’s block patterns but have not done anything with them yet.

  7. Trail Mix looks like it will be another stunner. Love Lori’s patterns. Love that you are mixing up your backgrounds. It is something I have done a lot and it’s a great look. Can’t wait to see your progress on another beautiful quilt.

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