Bed of Roses – Block 7

Simple.  Easy.  That is how I am going to describe Block 7 of “Bed of Roses”.  Seriously.  Take a good look at the shapes and I think you will agree!

Let’s get started!  First, I traced the block onto the background with a water soluble marker.


Next, I used a 1/4″ bias maker to make all of the stems.



After I finished stitching the bias stems in place, I went along my merry way prepping the many pieces.  Instead of tracing my templates, I simply photocopied the pattern onto freezer paper.  All of the pieces in this block are symmetrical, which means you do now have to worry about making mirror images.


So now its time to start gluing the pieces in place.  I started with the small flowers and leaves.



Next, I added the pretty pink flowers.


I love these dark pink centers!


Looking good!


Now I started on the larger flowers.





The excitement is definitely mounting!


Now I am going to show you how I tackled the center section.  The center consists of 5 separate pieces, which if layered one on top of the other, would be very bulky.  So this is how I eliminated the bulk.

I prepped all of the pieces in the usual way.



Next,  I glued one section on top of the other…


…and stitched it in place.


Once I finished stitching the piece in place, I very (very!) carefully trimmed away the first layer, leaving a 1/4″ seam allowance.



Okay, now I repeated those same steps with each new layer.  I glued the yellow piece in place….


….and stitched it in place.


And I trimmed out the second layer.


And here is the second last piece stitched in place.


And trimmed.DSCN7522
And, finally, the last piece!


The rest of the leaves and……Voila!


You can find Block 7 (along with the 6 previous blocks) of Sue Garman’s “Bed of Roses” on my website Simple Bird Studio.

Til next time….



11 thoughts on “Bed of Roses – Block 7

  1. Thank you I so look forward to your emails and of course Bruin ? I see he is making sure you are doing it correct for us he is so cute.regards to you both Jean

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  2. I love all your tips and techniques! I’ve been working on some applique blocks and trying to prepare the pieces before I stitch. I’m having trouble using an overlay to place pieces as I sew, so I’m going to try using a light box to place them. Do you glue all your pieces to the background before you start stitching?

    • Hi Deb:
      Thanks for the comment. Using an overlay is my least favurite of all techniques. Nothing ever seems to line up. That is why I trace the pattern onto the background with a water soluble marker. I don’t glue all of the pieces in place, I usually start with gluing the stems and stitching them in place. Then I add a few more pieces and stitch them. I rarely (if ever) glue the entire block in place before I stitch it.

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