Now I Can Relax!!!

The contracts are signed.  The patterns are designed. I have stitched my class samples and submitted class descriptions and supply lists.  Now I can finally tell you my exciting news…..I will be teaching two classes at Barbara Blanton’s Academy of Applique!   Pinch me!  I must be dreaming, but the last time I checked, my photo is up there with some pretty amazing world-class teachers, so it must be true!


As much as I would love to show you my class samples, the teachers have been asked to keep their samples under wraps until the catalogue is published.  Sorry, but this is all I can show you…

Anyway, now that my samples are finished,  I can finally start to put my Bed of Roses together.  I must confess, I have not finished all of the side triangles (or borders).  But I do have enough that I can get going!  I also know that once I see a few blocks stitched together, I will be very motivated to get things finished.

Ok, so I want to show you how to trim the side triangles and corner triangles.  The instructions are written very clearly in the pattern, but I just wanted to give you a few pointers.

Cut 2 pieces of freezer paper 15″ square.  Cut one of the pieces on the diagonal to end up with 2 triangles.


Next, cut the second piece of freezer paper on the diagonal twice to end up with 4 smaller triangles.  So far, so good!


So let’s start with the smaller triangles.  Basically, we are going to iron a freezer paper triangle (FPT) on to the right side of the 4 corner triangles.  First, I placed the FPT on the paper pattern and traced a few leaves, just to make sure I could line the pattern up and everything would be centered.


Next, I ironed the FPT on top of the stitched triangle, placing the drawn leaves directly over the stitched leaves.


It should look something like this.  As you can see, I am doing both triangles at once.


Now, we are going to machine stitch 1/8″ away from the FPT, just on the bias edge.

This next part is super-important, so if you remember only one thing from this post, make sure it is this!  The FPT does not have any seam allowance included, so you must add 1/4″ seam allowance to the fabric.


Once the triangle is trimmed, you can remove the FPT.


So now you can repeat the same process  with the remaining 3 corner triangles.  Then you can trim down the 8 side triangles, but this time you will be using the larger FPT.   Sometimes it is hard to tell what Bruin is thinking, but I think he is pretty impressed!!


Til next time….



20 thoughts on “Now I Can Relax!!!

  1. I’m soooo glad to see this posted! I’m on my fourth set in triangle and was wondering what the best way to trim them was going to be. You read my mind! Congratulations on your Applique a academy appointment. Lucky students, gratefully, Toni

    Toni Bauman


  2. You certainly deserve this recognition, your work is amazing. Enjoy your experience teaching, congratulations Kerri.

  3. I am very impressed, too! :)) Thank you for this great tip! I am always a little nervous when cutting these border- and corner-triangles, but with this method there is surely no risk!
    Congratulations for your teaching classes!
    Best wishes!

  4. Congratulations! I know you will have a great time teaching as will the students!! Can’t wait to see the class project list. Thanks also for showing us a great way to trim these triangles, I’m working on the last of these – all the big blocks are completed.

  5. Congratulations on teaching at the Academy. I’ve attended the last two years and the excitement and enthusiasm is contagious. Barbara and Rick are absolutely wonderful. I’ve made some really good friends at the Academy. You will be among the best. Fantastic news. I have a new email, too.

  6. Congratulations! You will be such a great teacher. I refer so many people to your YouTube videos and watch them frequently myself just for refreshers.

  7. Congratulations Kerry! I look forward to your updates on your blog and am a huge fan. I wish I could attend the Applique Academy just to take your class. I know you will be a popular instructor. You do a wonderful job on your blog – photos and instructions are so clear….easy to follow. Good Luck!

  8. This method is GENIUS! Trimming down a block after spending SO many hours on the applique terrifies me. It’s so hard to keep the ruler in place when the applique is a bumpy 3-D surface instead of flat and smooth fabric. You are going to be an amazing teacher and your students are lucky to learn from you. Congratulations!

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