Making a Quilt Backing

I finished my Trail Mix quilt ages ago and I was supposed to drop it off to Colleen at Elite Quilting to be quilted…in August.  Well, August has come and gone.  And so has September.  It just needs a backing and I have procrastinated long enough!  So I am determined to get this quilt and backing to Colleen by the end of October.  Always good to have a goal to aim toward!


At first, I was just going to sew a backing together using a lovely beige fabric that has maps printed on it.  I had a sizable amount in my cupboard so….why not?  So I cut myself 2 pieces the length of the quilt (plus 10″) and was getting all set to sew them together and be done with it.  But then I remembered a few orphan blocks I have had kicking around for a while.  A really long while.  I thought it might be nice to incorporate them into the background.

These are the blocks I decided to use.  I was just going to sew a beige sashing in between each block and call it a day.  Cross if off my To-Do List.



Ok….but then I found a box of half-log cabin blocks and some interesting sashings leftover from a project that I don’t really remember.  I thought they would add an interesting touch.




A while ago I decided to make a quilt using the Bear’s Paw block.  I made 4 blocks and decided… I am not sure what I decided but I just didn’t make any more blocks.  I just thought it would be nice if they were being used for something more than just a cat bed!



Then I thought….”I know I have some more blocks kicking around.  I wonder where they are?”  I found them and added them to the quilt backing.


I noticed I had a few blocks with the fabric left over from the quilt I made my Mom.  So, of course I had to incorporate them into the backing.  This is a post I wrote about my Mom’s quilt.


To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun playing with my fabrics!


Have you given any thought about going to the Academy of Applique in February?  I hope you will take the time to visit the website and check out all the super-talented teachers.  Just to be included in this group of awesome teachers makes me break out in goosebumps!  I am so excited to be teaching at the Academy and being able to share everything (and I mean everything!) I know about hand-applique.  Won’t you join us?

Til next time….




14 thoughts on “Making a Quilt Backing

  1. Oh my!! I am thinking that your “backing” is going to warrant having its own “backing”. Love how this is coming together. Beautiful!! Love the Trail Mix quilt top too!

  2. Your post made me smile. What a fun afternoon. I enjoy that also. I save my extra blocks and when I have enough, I sew them into a donation quilt. Enjoy yourself! Lane

  3. Play is a good thing!!!! It helps if your scraps and orphans or basically the same color family.
    I have seriously thought about making quilts with fronts and backs as different quilts. Double the fun and have the space! I have several wall hangings and table runners that are made to switch back to front .

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