Block 6

Don’t you love this dainty block?  This was an easy block which I prepped and stitched in 2 days.  Of course, I didn’t accomplish much else.  It was snowing out, I had a pot of homemade soup on the stove and Netflix!  I watched How to Make an American Quilt, not once, but twice.  Life is good!

Did I mention you can now follow me on Instagram @simplebirdstudio?

Ok…let’s get started.  First I made the bias wreath using a Clover 1/4″ bias maker.  Then I added the luscious leaves and a bit of embroidery.



The leaves are pretty straight forward.  Luckily they are all the same shape so you will get lots of practice.  The space between the leaves is very narrow.  So in order to have enough seam allowance I just cut right down the middle of the leaves.


Next, I started to iron the seam allowance, just a little bit at a time.



I love it when I find the exact shade of green in my thread basket!


There are also some tiny leaves and dainty buds on this block.  And a fair amount of embroidery……


…..and a lovely bird.


This tiny heart is a perfect touch for a love letter.


This block still has a bit of embroidery to be stitched on it.  I will get to it….soon!  Here is the (almost) complete block.


These are the six blocks so far.  For those new to my blog, I am making 9 of my favourite blocks from Sue Garman’s Friends of Baltimore.  Those 9 blocks will then be set into a quilt using the Baltimore Squared pattern.  You can order this Block of the Month on my website Simple Bird Studio.


Putting these blocks together is a little time consuming (but I love it!!).  Not only do I make the block, I also cut the kits.  I like to include a Colour Chart so you can see which fabrics go where.  I like to take a picture of the finished block and I include that, also.  So, there is usually a fair amount of photocopying to do.  Thanks goodness I have some very reliable help!


Til next time…..



4 thoughts on “Block 6

  1. Your work is a feast for the eyes, so precise, colourful, and pretty. Love you little helper. So cute! I am sure he is doing a great job too!

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