Block 7…2 more to go!

If you are in the mood for some stitching inspiration (who isn’t?), make a big pot of tea and head over to Through The Needle’s Eye.   I had the privilege of meeting Kara and Teri at The Academy of Applique.  Their latest blog post has many photos from The Academy. Hopefully you will be tempted to come next year!

As promised, here is Block 7, The Cornucopia of Flowers.  It just may be my favourite block so far:)  This block and the previous 6 are part of a BOM I launched in September.  You can read about the details here.

This is a relatively simple block, but there are a few things I want to show you.  First, this little fern appears to be a little dicey, but it is very doable.  Just take your time and remember to breathe:)  Note to self:  it is time to replace the cover on your pressing mat.

Next, there are two leaves that require some reverse applique.  First, I prepped the “top” piece as usual.

Then I placed that piece on top of another piece of green fabric. I stitched the vein in the centre of the leaf then I trimmed the excess fabric underneath and glued the two-tone leaf in place.  Such a nice, subtle detail.

These next stem/leaf units are fairly easy to do, also.  The curves are a little on the deep side,  so clip carefully:)

Once the piece is totally prepped, it is time to remove the freezer paper.

And, finally, glue the piece onto the background:)  Looking good!

These are all 7 blocks so far.  Scrumptious, yes?  I am starting to give some thought to what colour sashings and stars to do.  So many choices!

Til next time……




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