Hugs and Kisses Block 1 and other fun stuff!

For those of you that signed up for Hugs and Kisses, you should be receiving  Block 1 any day now.  The pattern that you will be getting shows the quilt in blues and yellows, but we will be doing ours in some sunny yellows, oranges and reds, and, of course, a couple of lush  greens.  Here is what your Block will look like.  Included in your pattern will be a Fabric Guide, so you will know which fabric goes where.


And here is a picture of the  (almost) finished quilt.  I just haven’t finished stitching all of the swags.  I will be saving that stitching for our upcoming Applique Retreat (more on that later).  I am looking so forward to hand-quilting this gem.


Each month I will do a post showing how I prepped each block.  Block 1 is a very easy block so it won’t take you too long….hopefully:)  Each leaf is exactly the same, so you will be able to practice those perfect points.  I will be doing this quilt in a completely different colorway…warm browns and yummy pinks and rich burgundies, but no green.  If you would like to stitch along with us and use your own fabrics, I now have complete sets of the pattern on my website.

So let’s begin. I didn’t trace the pattern onto the background (like I usually do) because there just aren’t that many pieces.  So, instead, I placed the background on the pattern and simply glued the pieces in place.  You can  glue all the pieces in place and then start stitching.

Whenever I am gluing bias strips in place, I always put the dots of glue on the background (rather than the stem). It is so much easier (and less messy) to handle the strip when it doesn’t have any glue on it.


Notice when I clip the inner curves of this flower, I don’t clip all the way to the freeze paper.


Once I remove the freezer paper, I like to put a tiny dot of glue on each petal and always ON the seam allowance.



And here is the finished block.


Hey…I just noticed the white polka dots on the brown fabric…and I managed to get a polka dot in each leaf.  I wish I could take the credit, but it was A Total Fluke!

Last week I picked up my Friends of Baltimore/Baltimore Squared quilt from Rose Bell of Fancy Feathers.  I was blown away (I mean really, really blown away!).  I think you will agree that Rose did an exceptionally amazing job of machine quilting.



IMG_2284IMG_2285Earlier in this post I mentioned our 2 Applique Retreats that we have planned for the Spring.  The first Retreat is full and there is still room in the second Retreat. We would love to have you join us:)  The dates for the second Retreat are April 20-22 (Friday-Sunday).  All meals will be included, starting with dinner on Friday night.  This Retreat is a perfect opportunity to learn the method I use for all of my applique projects.  It is also a perfect time to catch up on your own applique projects and to be inspired by other students. Your fee of $400.00 includes your accommodation, all meals, your project kit and pattern and class notes.  What is the project you ask?  I am having a block designed specifically for this Retreat and it is still in the works:)  I know you will love it!  I am limiting this class to 6, so if you are interested please contact me at

Til next time….



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