Memories of The Academy of Applique 2018

It’s hard to believe The Academy of Applique has come and gone:(  For me, it’s a little like Christmas, I spend the whole year preparing and looking forward to this wonderful event, and then poof!….it over very quickly.  Without a word of a lie, I had the best students…eager to learn, easy to teach and just super nice and friendly people, which can be said about everyone who attended this past Academy.  The fact that everyone loves to applique as much as I do is a bonus!

Here are some pictures from both classes.  I would have taken more pictures in the second class, but I was laughing so hard most of the time:)  We had a blast!

First, it is just a lovely time of year for us Canadians to get an early taste of Spring.  This was the view outside my room.


IMG_2495The food is awesome, and if you follow me on Instagram @simplebirdstudio you will know what I am talking about. I posted more photos of food than quilts.  The desserts….amazing!

At the beginning of my class, I tell my students that with a bit of practice their work can look just like mine.  And the work that both classes accomplished did not prove me wrong (yes that is another way of saying I was right…their pieces looked just like mine).  That is what I love so much about Prepared Edge Applique.



Is it mine or is it a student’s flower?  It’s a student’s!!  After just one lesson!IMG_2499IMG_2532Scrumptious!!IMG_2534Almost finished!IMG_2530

Although I offer kits for the classes, I am always happy to see the project in another colorway.  So inspiring!IMG_2531

Nice big classroom and plenty of room to spread out.IMG_2529

I mean…really spread out!  This class was smaller, so everyone had a table to themselves.IMG_2632

Me…taking a bit of a coffee break:)IMG_2537IMG_2513IMG_2553IMG_2631IMG_2547

Til next time….



3 thoughts on “Memories of The Academy of Applique 2018

  1. You are a great teacher Kerry. I learned from you by your Newsletter photos with all of the wonderful tips. I did the “Bed of Roses”. Wish I could be in one of your live classes to meet you. You all looked so happy with the beautiful blocks.
    Martha Sanchez

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