Block 10 (not 9)

Well, my daughter’s wedding was a complete success this past weekend, in spite of the slight drizzle….okay…it was a downpour.  Thank goodness we had many tents set up, so we stayed completely dry.  There was a lot of hairspray involved in the preparation!  It was an awesome day:)IMG_4607.JPGIMG_4605.JPG



Okay so in about 4 hours, Paul and I are boarding a plane and our 2 week vacation in the Yukon will begin.  I am sending out the Block-of-the-months a little early so as not to hold you back from starting September’s block.  Due to my lack of organizational skills, I prepped Block 10 instead of Block 9, so that is the block I am sending.  I will send Block 9 next month:)

I got this far before I realized I hadn’t taken any pictures, but by now I am sure you don’t need my help.




This is the last of the brown polka-dot.  So sad.




So, of course, if you are doing the BOM, your block will look like this.  So summery!


Okay, so before I go (I still need to pack!), the catalogue for classes for the Academy of Applique will be online on Labour Day weekend.  Barbara Blanton tells us that the majority of classes fill in the first couple of days.  So keep an eye open for that.

Also, in my last blog post, I gave dates for the third upcoming Applique Retreat.  Check out the details here.

I would love to have you come and join us.  If you are looking to get away for a couple of days and just applique the day away, this retreat is for you!

Til next time…



New Dates for Applique Retreat!

As promised in my last post, here are the dates for the upcoming Applique Retreat.  The  Retreat will be held Monday October 22 through to Wednesday October 24.  The project I have picked for this Retreat is “Crazy for Callas”, a class I taught at the Academy in 2017.  I teach the Prepared Edge method and I am so excited about this method that I want to share it with the world!  So easy and stress-free. This wall hanging has a few tricks that I would love to share, like how to get those super sharp points!

Crazy For Callas Photo

The Retreat will be held at Fireside Retreat in Orillia, an awesome facility dedicated to quilting retreats of all kinds. The cost for the Retreat is $400.00, which includes your accommodation and your meals starting with lunch on Monday and ending with brunch on Wednesday.  The cost also includes your kit for the project, Crazy for Callas.  If you are interested in coming, please contact me at  Space is limited to 7 students, so please don’t wait too long to decide!

Til next time…


Block 8 and other fun stuff!

It’s finally here!  The class catalogue for the Academy of Applique is online and ready for you to drool over.  I am absolutely thrilled with the selection of classes (something for everyone and I do mean everyone).  Also very humbled to be among the amazing teachers.  If you have ever thought about going to the Academy and you haven’t, now is the chance to learn everything you need to know about applique.  Not only to learn, but to be surrounded by other stitchers who not only understand your obsession, they encourage it.

Imagine our delight (and mild shock) when 5 of our family members decided that 2018 was the year to tie the knot.  That is right…5 wedding this year.  Two nephews, one niece and two of our daughters.  4 destination weddings and one backyard wedding.  At the end of August, our daughter, Courtney will marry the love of her life in their backyard.  So, of course, the preparations are underway.  I am using my applique skills to do a few alterations to Courtney’s dress.Kerry pics August 2018 184.JPG

Helping choose tulle for the veil was a challenge because, to me, all tulle looks very similar!  But this one has some bling, so that is the one we chose. Thankfully, my friend, Kathy W.  will be working her awesome magic and making the veil for Courtney.Kerry pics August 2018 245.JPG

In the meantime, I am working on my Hugs and Kisses blocks.  The easy blocks are a welcome distraction for all the other things I am supposed to be doing:)

If you are following along, we are on Block 8 already.IMG_4292.JPG

This block has a nifty trick I would like to share.  To the untrained eye, the yellow scalloped flower appears to be made of  8 pieces.  But you know me by now, and you know I am not going to do that amount of extra work!IMG_4293.JPG

I took a Sharpie and connected the pieces on the paper pattern.  So now I have one complete unit to prep.  Since you will be cutting into the Blue flower piece, you will need to make a new template for it.  IMG_4295.JPG

Note:  I am working on a different colourway, but this is actually the yellow piece.  Those inside points don’t have to be perfect.  Keep watching!Kerry pics August 2018 306.JPG

This is the prepped Blue flower unit.Kerry pics August 2018 307.JPG

Put one on top of the other, and then the magic happens!  Won’t your quilting friends be impressed with you?Kerry pics August 2018 308.JPGKerry pics August 2018 312.JPG

Next I added all the leaves…Kerry pics August 2018 342.JPG

I took the time to fussy cut the brown centres.  Love the effect!Kerry pics August 2018 336.JPG

Kerry pics August 2018 343.JPG


I love it when quilt blocks start to take on a life of their own.IMG_4291.JPG

Paul and I leave for 2 weeks in the Yukon at the end of August (after Courtney’s wedding, of course).  On our way home, we will be stopping in Calgary…for Sean and Jen’s wedding!  I am trying desperately to get both I Spy quilts finished before we go.  Grace’s quilt is completely finished.  Ellie’s is ready to be basted and quilted.  I am basting this afternoon!  Bruin and I auditioned a few bindings.  Kerry pics August 2018 382.JPG

Bruin actually preferred the blue stripe.  Kerry pics August 2018 393.JPG

I was pretty sure I would have enough fabric and this 3″ piece is all I have left.  Thank you, Quilt Gods!Kerry pics August 2018 400.JPG


I made these 2 quilts as part of a stitch-along at Simcoe Sew and Quilt in Barrie.  The pattern is Smitten, which I hand-pieced (not EPP) and hand-quilted.  Old school.013.JPG

That is all for now…I will start blogging more regularly….I promise.  I have 2 Applique Retreats booked.. One for the Fall of 2018 and the Spring of 2019 at Fireside Retreat in Orillia.  I will post those dates very soon!  Go check out the class catalogue!

Til next time…