Block 10 (not 9)

Well, my daughter’s wedding was a complete success this past weekend, in spite of the slight drizzle….okay…it was a downpour.  Thank goodness we had many tents set up, so we stayed completely dry.  There was a lot of hairspray involved in the preparation!  It was an awesome day:)IMG_4607.JPGIMG_4605.JPG



Okay so in about 4 hours, Paul and I are boarding a plane and our 2 week vacation in the Yukon will begin.  I am sending out the Block-of-the-months a little early so as not to hold you back from starting September’s block.  Due to my lack of organizational skills, I prepped Block 10 instead of Block 9, so that is the block I am sending.  I will send Block 9 next month:)

I got this far before I realized I hadn’t taken any pictures, but by now I am sure you don’t need my help.




This is the last of the brown polka-dot.  So sad.




So, of course, if you are doing the BOM, your block will look like this.  So summery!


Okay, so before I go (I still need to pack!), the catalogue for classes for the Academy of Applique will be online on Labour Day weekend.  Barbara Blanton tells us that the majority of classes fill in the first couple of days.  So keep an eye open for that.

Also, in my last blog post, I gave dates for the third upcoming Applique Retreat.  Check out the details here.

I would love to have you come and join us.  If you are looking to get away for a couple of days and just applique the day away, this retreat is for you!

Til next time…



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