The Chickadee…continued

I mentioned earlier that I had one of my quilts juried into Quilt Canada, which was held in Ottawa earlier this month.  This is the fourth year in a row that I have had a quilt at Quilt Canada:)  Bed of Roses, a pattern designed by Sue Garman, won the Award for Excellence in Applique.  So humbled and so proud all at the same time:)IMG_4047.JPEG

In other news, we have another grand baby on the way (our 3rd).  The gender reveal party was a couple of weekends ago.  Turns out we are having a…boy:)  So much fun!202.jpg




So…back to the Chickadee.  In my last post, I showed you how I prepped my templates and traced the pattern onto my background.  This is the last photo that I showed.  Hopefully, you are getting the hang of figuring out “which piece goes where”.  It is a skill that comes with experience.  Trust me:)IMG_7033

So now I am going to continue gluing pieces onto the background, always placing the bottom layer first.  For this section you can see I added the purple buds, and the light green leaf in 2 sections.IMG_7150

Next I added the dark green leaf, then bias strip, and then the 2 leaves on either side of the purple buds.IMG_7153

Now I can add the light green leaf, which tucks underneath the purple berry.  So this “section” is now complete (except that it still has to be stitched lol)img_7156.jpg

Now it is time to start adding some flowers.  The flowers are all created in the same manner.  Before I started gluing this flower in place, first I had to add the bias stem.  Remember to glue the background, as opposed to the bias stem.IMG_7155

So, first I place the light purple petal in place.  Then I added the tiny dark purple section.  And then I added the larger purple petal.  IMG_7159

Then I added the tiny dark purple section.IMG_7161


Can you see the beauty of drawing the seam allowance on each piece?  Now I can see exactly where my last piece goes…and no raw edges!IMG_7163IMG_7164


Ta da! IMG_7166

This photo shows everything glued in place…except the Chickadee.  Which I am going to go and do right now!  Just a note:  You don’t have to wait until every piece is glued in place before you start stitching.  Usually, I prep a few pieces, or maybe a section, and then I go and stitch it.  I would rather not leave all the stitching til the end.234

Til next time….






A Successful Quilt Show!

This past weekend the Quilting Corners Guild in Alliston, Ontario, held their quilt show, which happens every 2 years.  I was lucky enough to be a vendor this year and was on hand to spread the word about how easy and stress-free Prepared Edge Applique is.IMG_7200

Of course, I purchased a few goodies for myself.  Goodies that I know I could make, but would rather buy them already made (tee hee).IMG_7190

The quilts and wall hangings on display showcased the members talent, dedication and skill.IMG_7194





I am thrilled and humbled that my quilt To Everything There Is A Season won 2 ribbons:)IMG_7201

Very often I am asked if I teach anywhere in Ontario.  Now I can say “Yes!”  I will be teaching a few one day classes at Simcoe Sew and Quilt in Barrie, Ontario. Here is a link to the Class Page.   I’ll be teaching The Hummingbird in Flight Wallhanging.  Hope to see you in a class!Hummingbird in Flight

Speaking of the Hummingbird, I just got my back from Rose Bell, who, once again, worked her magic.  This is truly a masterpiece!




Well, I was going to post more pics of the Chickadee block, but I am off to Ottawa tomorrow for Quilt Canada.  So excited!  I haven’t started packing yet lol.  More exciting, though, the Raptor are going to make history in about 5 minutes.  We The North!

Till next time….