The Snowy Owl…continued

As promised last week, the Snowy Owl pattern is now available for purchase on my website!  You have the option of purchasing the paper pattern or a digital pattern.  Either way, you will get 6 pages of templates already traced.  That means you can start prepping right away:)

Our grandson, Spencer Chad Nevin Counter Hatton (whew!), arrived right in time for Thanksgiving:)  How exciting!  Here he is just less than an hour old.IMG_8369

In my last blog post, I showed you how to prep the irises for the Snowy Owl block.  Did you know that the Snowy Owl is the provincial bird for the province of Quebec?  True story:)

So I started with the partial head, the gray detail and the eye.  I just couldn’t wait to see those eyes.IMG_8407



Do you get the feeling that someone is watching you?IMG_8410

This small gray piece is the next one to be glued in place.IMG_8411

Then this dark gray one…IMG_8412

The large white body/leg section is the next piece to add.IMG_8413

And then this light gray piece.  Notice how everything is lining up nicely?  Even I am impressed lolIMG_8415

The next gray piece to be added is actually an extension of the gray piece already in place.  I thought it would be easier to cut this large section in 2 smaller sections and try to make the join as inconspicuous as possible.


As I add each section, I am making sure that everything lines up to the traced image on the background.  I use a pin and stab through the both layers to make sure it all lines up.  Better to be safe than sorry!IMG_8417

Wow!  It’s actually starting to look like something!IMG_8418

Til next time…




9 thoughts on “The Snowy Owl…continued

  1. Amazing! I absolutely love the way your mind and talent work! It’s really coming along. I do hope you’ll have the pattern with you in March, because I want to reserve one right now!

  2. Congratulations on you new grandson. 🎈💓🍾🎉
    Beautiful snow owl. Are you going to make patterns for all the provincial bird?
    Isn’t it a good idea 😉

  3. So precious! Congratulations on your addition to the family. I love your process posts! They help a lot to give us confidence that we can “applique”.

  4. Congratulations on the new grand baby.
    I am just about to start the owl & I see that the Chicadee, the owl & the Blue Jay are all different background sizes. I believe you mentioned that they would all become a quilt at some point…how would they fit together if they are a different size. I took your class in Newmarket recently & it really taught me a lot even though I am a keen appliquer.

    • Hi Marg: I really enjoyed teaching the class in Newmarket, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I had an awesome time:) The Chickadee and the Snowy Owl belong to the same series called Glorious and Free, based on provincial birds and flowers. All the blocks are indeed different sizes but they do fit together. The Blue Jay block is a stand alone block and not part of that series.

  5. As amazing as your owl appliqué is, he is totally upstaged by your precious new grandson. CONGRATULATIONS!!! One question about the owl, though — why did you use three separate yellow fabric pieces for the eye rather than just one larger yellow piece? In the photo it looks like those pieces are all the same fabric. Is it to get a curved “seamline” so the eyeball appears more rounded?

    • Hi Rebecca: Sorry for the very late reply. You asked such a good question:) The eyes do consist of 2 different fabrics, not just one. There are 3 templates for the circular section of the eye in the blog post. However, you can always just make one template by eliminating the lines. I am going to discuss this on my next blog post.

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