Keeping Busy:)

Like most you, I am self-isolating.  I’ve always thought of myself as a “home-body”.  Happy to be home working on my quilts and enjoying my own company.  But this is really hard!  I’m surprised at how many times a day I catch myself saying “I’ll just pop out to the store because I need (fill in the blank!)”.  I’m telling my kids to pay attention to what is going on in the world because these are historical moments we are all experiencing.  Let’s be kind and compassionate as we navigate these uncertain waters together.

On February 29, our granddaughter Briar was born.  A leap year baby!  She came into the world at 1 am in the middle of a snowstorm.  At 6 am of the same morning, I was pulling out of the drive-way, packed up and ready for the 12 hour drive to Williamsburg to teach at the Academy of Applique.  So, of course, the first thing we did when I arrived home a week later was to get in the car and go visit the wee one and her awesome Moms.





The pups were happy to see me:)336.JPG

I have been working on Briar’s quilt for a few months.  It is Dolly Days by Brandywine Designs.058

I started by making all of the outfits that go around the outside.  This was fun!  I used 2 different background, a pink stripe and a pink tone-on-tone.  I had bought a bundle of Apple Butter by Tilda (fat eights) at Quilt Canada last year and thought this was the perfect project.  Here are some of the outside blocks.101




Some of the outfits called for buttons, but I think that would be a no-no!  So I made tiny circles for the buttons and appliqued them on.  I even fussy cut a few!IMG_9193


So once all the outfits were stitched, I had to trim them down to the correct size, which is something I always do.  Cut my backgrounds big to allow for shrinkage and then trim to the correct size.  I made my self a template of the correct size, including seam allowance and drew a few guidelines on it.  I simply placed this template on the design and “eyeballed” it.  Easy Peasy.  I then put marks on the background at the corners of the template.  Then I used my ruler and rotary cutter to trim the blocks.109



Can you see that I have used 2 different background, and alternated them?  So subtle:)112

So now I could start working on the little girl in the centre, but I was a little stuck.  I knew I wanted the quilt to be pink, but if I made the background pink, the skin tone of the little girl wouldn’t show up.  So I went through my stash and found some of the same white and turquoise polka dot that I used for my grandson’s quilt.  By the way, Spencer is 5 months old now and quite a cutie!


As you can see she started out with turquoise socks, but i wasn’t really feeling it, even though the socks and shoes were stitched in place. 156

I switched her socks to pink and auditioned some fabrics for her under clothes.  I probably put way too much thought into this, but that is what we do!159

Isn’t she sweet?IMG_9253

Til next time…




15 thoughts on “Keeping Busy:)

  1. Congratulations Kerry on your ever growing family. Very beautiful grandchildren. I am quite happy in my current self inforced hermit life and have dug out a Baltimore Album quilt I started in one of your classes eons ago! I wish you all the best.

  2. Love, love, love this! Your fabrics are great. BTW, what fabric did you use for the “skin”? You have a fabulous eye for putting fabrics together. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. So CUTE!! What a happy and constructive way to pass the time while in “Lock Down” mode!!

    On Thu, Mar 19, 2020 at 9:06 AM Simple Bird Applique wrote:

    > Simple Bird Applique posted: “Like most you, I am self-isolating. I’ve > always thought of myself as a “home-body”. Happy to be home working on my > quilts and enjoying my own company. But this is really hard! I’m > surprised at how many times a day I catch myself saying “I’ll just pop ” >

  4. What a beautiful baby…and the quilt of course is amazing. It was nice seeing you in virginia this year..hope to repeat next year, cheers

  5. Where can I find the patterns for the Doll and her clothes?? The quilt is adorable and I think my g-great daughter would love it. Thank you. Eileen Larry

  6. Congratulations to all on the birth of that beautiful baby. Also a very sweet looking grandson, Kerry. What a beautiful quilt you are making! The applique is immaculate. Thanks for sharing your process too.

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