Still working away…

My goodness, what interesting, challenging times we are living in.  Thank goodness I have my quilting to keep me busy enough that I do not have too much time to think about what is going on in the world.  Don’t get me wrong, I watch the news every night,  but quilting is a great escape from real life.

Lately, I have been getting photos sent to me by (mostly) students who have finished their projects.  Here are just a few of them…

Joanne completed her Bed of Roses (a Sue Garman pattern) that I offered as a BOM many moons ago.  Joanne sent it toRose of Fancy Feathers to be machine quilted.  Both Joanne and Rose are to be congratulated for creating this masterpiece.  I’m so excited, I have goosebumps:)image1


Carrol finished her Hummingbird in Flight project and it is absolutely gorgeous.  And check out the awesome wooden quilt hanger that her husband made to display this beauty!  The Hummingbird in Flight pattern in available as a paper pattern or a digital pattern on my website.  Rose of Fancy Feathers also machine quilted this for Carrol.


Cora also completed her Hummingbird in Flight (without taking a class!)  Just shows you how easy this technique is to master.  Cora has found hand applique to be a perfect way to keep her hands busy while watching TV.  Can’t agree more:)20200501_125617

Darlene took my Southwest Succulents class at the Academy this past March.  I must say I am speechless….It is beautiful, gorgeous AND finished!  It even has a binding on it!  Darlene even did her own machine quilting.  I am impressed.  So Darlene has named this masterpiece Korona Vase, because she spent so much time on it during the lockdown.  Take a really, really good look at this!  The machine quilting is so simple, but so very effective.

Karona Vase 5-12-2020

I finally found a place to hang my Yellow Finches, which was the other project I taught at the Academy in March.  The Yellow Finch pattern (both paper and digital) are now available on the website.084

I am working on a number of different quilt projects, just to keep myself from getting bored.  I am hand quilting Briar’s quilt and I am loving the process.  Every afternoon I sit by the window and stitch for an hour or so.  Very relaxing.  Briar is 2 1/2 months now.  Time flies:)IMG_9890

I am still plugging away at Afternoon Delight, which is being offered by The Quilt Show as a BOM.  I love each block, but especially this one!055

I fussy cut the blue pieces and I love the effect.047


Of course, I am working away on Briar’s  and Spencer’s “I Spy Quilts”.  I am using Lucy Kingwell’s Smitten pattern.  I am hand piecing  both quilts at the same time.  It is so fun making these blocks to suit each grandchild.


One of Briar’s Moms plays hockey and loves the Toronto Maple Leafs!



Love this one for Spencer!IMG_9922


And last, but not least, I am making Bonnie Hunter’s Unity quilt.  Loving the process, and using up a load of my scraps!034

I found this fabric in my stash with baby footprints on it and cut 3 pink feet and 1 blue foot to represent the grandkiddies that I am missing while I make this quilt.  Each foot is  a cornerstone in one of the rounds.  So much fun and using up fabric I didn’t even know I had!038


Stay healthy!

Til next time….