Applipops Are Finally Here!


When I posted way back in June, I told you about the success (and fun!)I was having with Applipops, a really brilliant (and simple) way to make beautiful circles. I am thrilled to announce I now carry Applipops on my website. This next part is important: I am only shipping within Canada.

Pictured below is a Pro Pack, which makes 8 different circles sizes. 

Copy of AP_Promo_2-035

Pictured below is a Pro Pack Plus, which is 2 Pro Packs.AP_Promo_2-035_2 (1)

So, let me show you what I am working on, using Applipops. A while ago, I was looking for a new applique project. I decided that Sue Garman’s stunning “Lily Rosenberry” is the quilt I wanted to start working on. It was a big decision because I am used to making applique quilts with every block being different. Like my Bed of Roses, or my  Baltimore Squared Quilt, or any other applique quilt I have ever made!image0


I love the novelty of working on a new and different block each time. The 16 blocks in Lily Rosenberry are all the same. I am hoping my very short attention span will not let me down and I will actually finish all 16 blocks.  I have chosen a Mary Koval cream background for the 16 blocks. I only have enough fabric for the blocks and not the borders. I am not worried. When it comes time to do the borders, I will have a few options…try to find more of the same fabric, find something similar, or maybe not even add a border. So many options. For now I will just concentrate on the blocks.

So I am going with a red, green and gold combination. I am going to use the same green for all of the stems in all the blocks. But I will use a different green in each block for the leaves. I am also going to use a different red and a different gold for each block, so no two blocks will be the same. At least, that is my plan. We will see!

Here’s how I started the first block.  I traced the pattern onto the fabric with a Clover water soluble marker.  As I started working on the block, I realized that this quilt is quite suitable for confident beginners  The pieces have nice, gentle curves, too.  So no points:)IMG_0334

Next, I started to prep my stems and leaves.  I glued them on the background using Roxanne’s Glue.  So far, so good!IMG_0336

Then I started to add some of the berries, which I made using Applipops.  IMG_0410

Looking good.  Really, really good!IMG_0407

Next, I wanted to work on the flower in the middle.  I prepped the yellow pieces, then I drew the seam allowance on the unprepped edge.IMG_0412

Do you see how nicely everything is lining up, simply because I drew the seam allowance on the unprepped edge.IMG_0413


Next, I prepped the large red flower.  I did reverse applique to create the hole in the middle. IMG_0415

Once I removed the freezer paper template, I glued the flower in place.  Voila!IMG_0416

Then, of course, I continued on my merry way, making more Applipop circles to complete the block.  Are you ready?  Each block has 39 circles.  There are 624 circles in the blocks alone, not including the border.  Thanks goodness for Applipops. I have not decided on a fabric for the vase yet.  I am not worried. I’ll find something!  Just a side note…the larger yellow circles on top of the smaller red flowers were also made using Applipops:)IMG_0417What else have I been working on?  Like many quilters, I am trying to work through my stash.  I just completed Bonnie Hunter’s Jamestown Landing.  It barely made a dent in my blue and neutral scraps.  Oh well!  The neutral blocks are all string pieced.  I love string piecing!0D28B19F-F186-4DEC-9309-7582CAA2F03F



I finished hand appliqueing and hand quilting  Briar’s quilt. This is an adorable quilt to make for that special little girl,  in this case, our granddaughter.  The pattern is called Dolly Days by Brandywine Designs.  Trust me when I say I had a really hard time giving this quilt up lol.


In my spare time, I am hand stitching random hexies together, just for the fun of it!IMG_0423


Last weekend, we could finally get a picture of all 4 grandkiddies together.  What a special time:)A9943568-8BB7-453B-846E-6C077AA24BFF


Til next time…