New Dates for Applique Retreat!

As promised in my last post, here are the dates for the upcoming Applique Retreat.  The  Retreat will be held Monday October 22 through to Wednesday October 24.  The project I have picked for this Retreat is “Crazy for Callas”, a class I taught at the Academy in 2017.  I teach the Prepared Edge method and I am so excited about this method that I want to share it with the world!  So easy and stress-free. This wall hanging has a few tricks that I would love to share, like how to get those super sharp points!

Crazy For Callas Photo

The Retreat will be held at Fireside Retreat in Orillia, an awesome facility dedicated to quilting retreats of all kinds. The cost for the Retreat is $400.00, which includes your accommodation and your meals starting with lunch on Monday and ending with brunch on Wednesday.  The cost also includes your kit for the project, Crazy for Callas.  If you are interested in coming, please contact me at  Space is limited to 7 students, so please don’t wait too long to decide!

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Block 8 and other fun stuff!

It’s finally here!  The class catalogue for the Academy of Applique is online and ready for you to drool over.  I am absolutely thrilled with the selection of classes (something for everyone and I do mean everyone).  Also very humbled to be among the amazing teachers.  If you have ever thought about going to the Academy and you haven’t, now is the chance to learn everything you need to know about applique.  Not only to learn, but to be surrounded by other stitchers who not only understand your obsession, they encourage it.

Imagine our delight (and mild shock) when 5 of our family members decided that 2018 was the year to tie the knot.  That is right…5 wedding this year.  Two nephews, one niece and two of our daughters.  4 destination weddings and one backyard wedding.  At the end of August, our daughter, Courtney will marry the love of her life in their backyard.  So, of course, the preparations are underway.  I am using my applique skills to do a few alterations to Courtney’s dress.Kerry pics August 2018 184.JPG

Helping choose tulle for the veil was a challenge because, to me, all tulle looks very similar!  But this one has some bling, so that is the one we chose. Thankfully, my friend, Kathy W.  will be working her awesome magic and making the veil for Courtney.Kerry pics August 2018 245.JPG

In the meantime, I am working on my Hugs and Kisses blocks.  The easy blocks are a welcome distraction for all the other things I am supposed to be doing:)

If you are following along, we are on Block 8 already.IMG_4292.JPG

This block has a nifty trick I would like to share.  To the untrained eye, the yellow scalloped flower appears to be made of  8 pieces.  But you know me by now, and you know I am not going to do that amount of extra work!IMG_4293.JPG

I took a Sharpie and connected the pieces on the paper pattern.  So now I have one complete unit to prep.  Since you will be cutting into the Blue flower piece, you will need to make a new template for it.  IMG_4295.JPG

Note:  I am working on a different colourway, but this is actually the yellow piece.  Those inside points don’t have to be perfect.  Keep watching!Kerry pics August 2018 306.JPG

This is the prepped Blue flower unit.Kerry pics August 2018 307.JPG

Put one on top of the other, and then the magic happens!  Won’t your quilting friends be impressed with you?Kerry pics August 2018 308.JPGKerry pics August 2018 312.JPG

Next I added all the leaves…Kerry pics August 2018 342.JPG

I took the time to fussy cut the brown centres.  Love the effect!Kerry pics August 2018 336.JPG

Kerry pics August 2018 343.JPG


I love it when quilt blocks start to take on a life of their own.IMG_4291.JPG

Paul and I leave for 2 weeks in the Yukon at the end of August (after Courtney’s wedding, of course).  On our way home, we will be stopping in Calgary…for Sean and Jen’s wedding!  I am trying desperately to get both I Spy quilts finished before we go.  Grace’s quilt is completely finished.  Ellie’s is ready to be basted and quilted.  I am basting this afternoon!  Bruin and I auditioned a few bindings.  Kerry pics August 2018 382.JPG

Bruin actually preferred the blue stripe.  Kerry pics August 2018 393.JPG

I was pretty sure I would have enough fabric and this 3″ piece is all I have left.  Thank you, Quilt Gods!Kerry pics August 2018 400.JPG


I made these 2 quilts as part of a stitch-along at Simcoe Sew and Quilt in Barrie.  The pattern is Smitten, which I hand-pieced (not EPP) and hand-quilted.  Old school.013.JPG

That is all for now…I will start blogging more regularly….I promise.  I have 2 Applique Retreats booked.. One for the Fall of 2018 and the Spring of 2019 at Fireside Retreat in Orillia.  I will post those dates very soon!  Go check out the class catalogue!

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Block 7 and other fun stuff!

Block 7…we are over the halfway mark!  I love the way these blocks are coming together.  The pattern for this quilt is called “Hugs and Kisses”, designed by Sue Garman.  If you are part of this BOM that started 7 months ago, your quilt is going to look like this.  I am making the blocks again, but in a different colourway (pinks and browns).  I think I am going to do something a little different for the sashings and I may not add the swags, but then again, maybe I will.  So much fun planning a quilt as you go, getting a feel for what the quilt needs.


There has been some excitement at our house.  It’s been well over a year since we lost our Jenny.  I swore I would never get another dog…and then this happened!


We adopted Kira and Chiqui from Dog Tales in King City near Toronto.  Their ages are estimated at about 2-4 years old and they come from Miami.  Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary is an amazing place to visit, even if you are not looking for a dog.  Check out their website here.   I must say both Kira and Chiqui are fitting into our family quite nicely.



And, yes…Bruin approves!  Bruin won’t admit it yet, but he loves the company.  Notice the quilt blocks?


So this months block is super simple, well, really, all of the blocks are simple.  Nothing wrong with simple:)




Hubby and I are going to the Yukon for 2 weeks in late August, so the last 2 blocks are prepped but not stitched.  I am saving some stitching so that I have something to do while we are on vacation.  Sounds crazy I know, but most quilters can relate.

I will be teaching 2 classes at the upcoming Academy of Applique in early March 2019.  I cannot say enough about the Academy and I hope you will consider joining us next year.  I’d love to show you my class samples that I am working on, but we are sworn to secrecy until the Class Catalogue comes out on Saturday, August 4.  Registration opens up on Labor Day, September 3 at 12 noon.  Mark your calendars!  Yesterday I spent the day making freezer paper templates so that I can start prepping one of the Academy projects today.


In my spare time, I am still working away on the “I Spy quilts” I am making for our 2 granddaughters.  The pattern is Smitten by Jen Kingwell and instead of doing English Paper Piecing, I chose to piece by hand.  To say I am now obsessed with handpiecing is an understatement.

Every year my friend Kathy W. and I buy a piece of fabric and split it in half.  Some years it’s a whole bolt that we split and sometimes it is just a couple of meters.  The white fabric with the coloured dots at the top of this photo and the left side is the challenge fabric from a few years ago.  To he honest, some years we buy the fabric and don’t do anything with it (we like to say our ideas are still “percolating”) but I am determined to use up every inch of this fabric on these I Spy quilts.





So I am just quilting 1/4″ away from each seam.  I started out marking each stitching line, but not I am just eyeballing it  But I am marking the diagonal lines I am quilting in the side triangles.  So much fun!



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Hugs and Kisses – Block 6

It’s June already!  Can that be right?  Block 6 was a delight to make.  I love it because it looks rather complicated, but it honestly consists of mainly circles, and a few curvy flowers, just for fun.  The block has a few different sizes of circles so it is a really good practice blocks.  I always say “to get really good at something you have to do it a lot of times!”  Or…Practice makes perfect!

So Block 6 starts with some tiny stems and some large flower.  I know I have shown this tip before, but I think it bears repeating.  I use only 1 template that I have photocopied onto freezer paper…so no tracing.  I prep the largest outer shape and then remove the freezer paper.


Next, I cut off that outer section, and I am left with my next shape to prep.  Once you prep the large circle, trim that section off and prep the next section…and so on.




I thought the block was looking a little dark so I thought I would spice it up with some light pink circles.



Next, I added the brown leaves and called it a day!  I am thrilled with the way these blocks are coming together:)


If you are part of the Hugs and Kisses BOM, this is what your block will look like.


I am still working away on two “I Spy quilts” for my two granddaughters.  These quilts have proven to be so much fun.  Finding the perfect fabrics has given me an excuse to go fabric shopping for fabrics that I wouldn’t normally buy.

I have been searching high and low for an astronaut fabric (one of the granddaughters wants to be an astronaut when she grows up lol).  I finally found this adorable fabric and the astronauts actually glow in the dark.  Life is good!


I just knew I had to fussy cut those cute astronauts…


So darn cute!  I am hand piecing these blocks (not English paper piecing) and I am quite amazed how quickly they are coming together.


Since I am making two of these quilts, I fast tracked one so I could get on to hand quilting it.  I am quilting 1/4″ inside each shape.  So far, so good!


I was thrilled, thrilled, thrilled to have my “Friends of Baltimore Squared” win a Judge’s Choice Ribbon at Quilt Canada 2018, recently held in Vancouver, BC.  You can click here to see all the winning quilts.  I am sure you will agree with me when I say that every year the quilts get more sophisticated, original and breathtaking.  So glad we have Quilt Canada to show the world that quilting is alive and well!


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The Chickadee

I have been slowly working away on The Chickadee block and I am thrilled to say I am finished.  I must confess, I am mighty pleased with the way it turned out.  This block is the first of 13 blocks I am making that are inspired by Canadian birds and flowers.  The blocks will be stitched together to create a quilt, although each of the single blocks will make lovely stand alone wallhangings.  Your choice!


I taught this block at both Retreats I recently hosted at Fireside Retreat in Orillia.  It is suitable for beginners as well as experienced stitchers.  The Chickadee Pattern is now available on my website here.  And because it’s been requested, you can also purchase  the templates already traced onto freezer paper for you.  This is definitely a time saver:)

While at the first retreat, I was introduced to Cindy Blackberg’s Template Stamps by Amy, one of the students.  These stamps are fun to use and is another option for anyone wishing to do hand piecing.  I used the Carpenter’s Star template set to make this lovely border for the Chickadee.  I love the way this border frames the block.  On to the next block!


Til next time…


Block 5 Prepped and Ready for Flight!

Very early tomorrow morning we are flying to Squamish, BC,  for my niece’s wedding.  This will be 1 of 4 (probably 5!) weddings this year for our family.  2018 seems to be the year to tie the knot.  Block 5 of “Hugs and Kisses”  is prepped and ready to be stitched while we are in the air.  Prepared Edge Applique is the perfect portable project.  All you need is your block, a needle and some thread, a thread cutter and away you go!

So this block began like the others, with the bias stems.


Next I added the center circle and flower.  I am loving this pink and brown combo:)


The leaves came next….


My goodness those polka dots certainly liven things up!


…and then I added the little flowers at the end of the bias strips.  Easy Peasy:)


These are all of my blocks, so far.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

If you are part of the group doing this quilt as a BOM, here is what your fabrics will look like.  Very summery!


My second Applique Retreat, held at Fireside Retreat in Orillia was a success!  Here are some photos….As you can see, we managed to get all of the Food Groups in.




The scenery is lovely.



Everyone in the class worked like demons to get as much prep done as possible.








I have booked Fireside Retreat for 2 more Applique Retreats, one later this year in the fall, and one next Spring in May.  Details to follow later.  Hope you can join us:)

In my spare time, I have been stitching away on my 2 granddaughter’s I Spy Quilts.  I am making 2 quilts.  The pattern is Smitten by Jen Kingwell.  Loving every minute spent cutting and stitching these quilts.  I am stitching the blocks by hand.





So, I have one quilt top completed and I am in the process of hand-quilting it.  I am still working on blocks for the other quilt.  So once I finished the first quilt top,  I spent a few hours pressing all of the seam allowances flat.  Thanks goodness I had lots of help:)


Next, I basted the quilt top, batting and backing together with a needle and thread.  Thank goodness for Audible books.


This is the backing I purchased at Thimbles & Things in Orillia.  I went looking for a fabric for the backing but I didn’t know what I was looking for. I’m sure you know what I mean.  Then when I spotted this fabric, I knew I found what I was looking for.  I’ll take 5 meters, please!


That fox cracks me up every time!


So…continuing my love affair with hand-piecing, I has finally started La Passacagalia.  I am using Inklingo to print my shapes.  I decided to do one rosette first before I committed to this quilt (or be committed lol).  Believe it or not, it was much easier than I anticipated and yet very addictive.  Here is my first trial rosette.  As I mentioned, I am using Inklingo, so first, I printed and cut some of the shapes.


Next, I very carefully laid my shapes out, but that did not last long.



Then I starting stitching the pieces together.


Love it!  I think I’ll continue:)


Til next time…




Hugs and Kisses Block 4

Before I post pictures of Block 4 of Hugs and Kisses, I want to show you something really special.  Joyce Dickens-Loffree from Naples, Florida sent me these photos of her quilt, which won a ribbon at her guild’s show.  Do you recognize it?  The pattern is Peggy’s Puzzle, a free pattern available on my website.  I am so honoured that Joyce chose to make this quilt.  Congratulations on a spectacular finish.  And the label is a wonderful addition.


Garden Party (1)

Block 4 of Hugs and Kisses is a nice, simple block.  I am thoroughly enjoying making this quilt for a second time.


As I mentioned, I am making this quilt again, but in browns and pinks.  For some reason, I have a rather substantial amount of both brown and pink in my stash.  So I thought this would be a good time to use some of these fabrics up.  Even the stems are brown and not green:)  I’m not marking the background at all, just using my light box to place all the pieces.


I’m not sure if you can tell from the photo below, but the brown fabric I used for the large circles has subtle dark brown lines on it.  Notice the lines are all running the same way:)



So far, so good…..


The hardest part was deciding where each leaf should go.


Easy peasy, nice and easy!


I am absolutely obsessed with the I Spy quilts I am working on for my 2 granddaughters.  Every morning I get up early and hand-piece a block or two.  What a great way to start the day.  The pattern is called Smitten by Jen Kingwell.  So much fun!


I’m so excited to announce I will be teaching again at The Academy of Applique in Williamsburg in 2019.  I can’t wait!!


Til next time…