A Bit of This and That!

It snowed all day.  Literally, all day.  Which meant I wasn’t going anywhere, except to my sewing room.  I decided to put a pot of chili on and play “catch-up” on a few on-going quilt projects.  First, I started making the sashing for Owen’s quilt.  By stitching 4 simple half-square triangles to the corners of each sashing and adding some cornerstones…


…..this is what you get!  Magical!


I must confess, I did not calculate for the half-square triangles for the red stars to continue out into the border.  Oops.  I’ll figure that out tomorrow.


So, I put Owen’s quilt away and dug out Annabelle.  I finished stitching the leaves and the hexies, so, it was time for a bubble bath (for Annabelle, not for me!)


While Annabelle was soaking, I decided to go through my fabrics to find a suitable fabric for the 4″ border. To keep myself organized, I am keeping all of the fabrics for Annabelle in a plastic tote (complete with lid) to keep Bruin out.  That plan will only work if I remember to place the lid on the tote!


Anyway, I auditioned a few fabrics, but nothing caught my eye.  That is, until I saw the fabric I used for the vase.  Hmmmm…


I thought that the stripes  would make a nifty border.  And the best part?  They were exactly the right size…4 1/2″ wide!  I think the Quilt Gods are trying to tell me something.  Maybe I should listen!


After I did some serious measuring, I realized I only had 3 stripes long enough  for the borders (28 1/2″).  The fourth stripe was too short….but that wasn’t going to stop me!


I had a few smaller chunks of the stripe left over, so I thought I would try piecing it.  First, I ironed the edge over on the left over piece, about 1/2″ or so.


Next, I placed it on the section that was too short and lined it up as best I could.


I carefully folded it over, (so now the two border pieces are right sides together)  pinned it in place, held my breath and stitched on the folded line.


I exhaled.  Then, I checked to make sure it matched (it did!).  I trimmed the seam allowance to 1/4″ away from the stitched line.  Finally, I trimmed the border to 28 1/2″.


Once that drama was over, I stitched all four borders on and added some cornerstones!  Dandy!



Til next time…



Focused and Organized

After a week of procrastinating, I have finally started the first border of Sue Garman’s “Friends of Baltimore” on Saturday.  I traced the whole pattern onto my background, which did not take nearly as long as I anticipated.  I like to use a Clover water-soluble marker when I trace my backgrounds.  The markers come in two sizes…thick tip and thin tip.  I always use the thick tip.  The line is thicker (of course!) and much easier to see!


Next, I made a whole pile of leaves.  Lots and lots of leaves.  The leaves get stitched in place first, and then the bias stem is placed on top of the leaves, so I need to make all of the leaves first .  I am trying my darndest to stay focused and organized all at the same time.



As you can see, each leaf has it’s own number.  And they are actually backwards because when I print my patterns onto the freezer paper, I reverse the pattern.  So…I take each leaf and match it up with the corresponding leaf on the paper pattern.  A little time consuming, so when I have enough leaves to complete a vine, I yell “Bingo!”  It helps to pass the time.


Once the first set of leaves was complete, I  started working on the center vase.  First, I did the cute little curly-cues.  And then the rest of the vase.



Annabelle is coming along quite nicely.  The hexies are mighty small and I am fussy cutting the fabric, so it is taking a bit of time!  I love how the hexies gives just a burst of something a little different!


Til next time….


So….I went shopping!

This is Annabelle…so far.


I have been working on Annabelle between other projects.  The pieces are huge compared to anything else I am working on, so it’s a nice break.


It has an appliqued centre, surrounded by applique borders.  I have chosen to use mainly browns, rusts and golds.  At some point, I have to add some dainty hexie-flowers that are in the borders, as well as the centre.


Each time I made these little hexie flowers out of brown, they just weren’t dainty enough.  So….I looked at my focus fabric, and saw this colour, (circled in red) which I can only describe as “not exactly grey…not exactly blue”.  I think little hexie flowers in this colour would look lovely!


I don’t think I have any fabric this colour.  Even if I do have some, I wouldn’t know where to begin looking for it, so it might be quicker just to go fabric shopping!  So, I went shopping and I found exactly what I was looking for!!  Dainty!


Of course, I found a few more pieces to add to the mix!


Also, I am slowly, but surely making progress on “Circle of Tulips”.


This is a little something I am also working on.  Sometimes I like to sit at my sewing machine and not applique!   I have a large stack of blocks from Barbara Brackman’s “Grandmother’s Choice” Block-of-the-week and it’s time to do something with them.  Barbara has a new Block-of-the Month starting soon, called “Threads of Memory”.   Check it out here.  I made 3 blocks every week, (instead of 1) so I have lots of blocks!  The 16 blocks I chose varied in size a little, so I added corner triangles to all 4 sides of the blocks.



Then I was able to trim them all down to a consistent size (12 1/2″).


This is what I have done so far.  I am making this quilt for Owen, a little boy who has a place in a lot of  hearts.  Owen is just a little over 1 year old so he is still in a crib.  But one day he will be moving to a big boy bed and he will need a quilt.


Til next time……..


Just Play!

I love starting a new quilt!  I really have no business starting something  new, when I should be starting the last (yipee!) block of  Friends of Baltimore, but it’s what I do!  The more quilts I have one the go, the happier I am.  I believe that a body in motion stays in motion and creativity breeds creativity!  So, this is what I did today….I played!

This quilt is called Annabelle.  It is based on a quilt made by Ann Daggs in New York and dated 1818.   This is my focus fabric.  I think of choosing fabrics for a quilt like choosing actors for a movie.  Only one fabric (or actor) can play the leading role.


And, no movie is complete without a supporting cast!


So, once I chose most of my fabrics, I started cutting, prepping and audtioning.  At this stage, I just lay everything out on the paper pattern and play!


Once I “say yes to the dress”, I start to glue pieces onto the background.


I like to give myself lots of options.  I have chosen 3 different fabrics for the leaves.  I love them all!




Til next time…