Filling the Fruit Bowl

Piece by piece, I am filling the bowl with yummy fruit!  First I added a pear, some grapes, an apple and what I believe is to be a tomato.  Next I added some peaches (or apricots…your choice!)  I absolutely love the fabric that the peaches are made from.  It is one of those fabrics that go from light to dark across the width.  These fabrics are perfect for shading flowers (or fruit!). Grab them when you see them!DSCN4867

I was a little worried that there was not enough contrast between the peaches and the pear, so I took the block to the window to see it in natural sunlight.  I think its just fine.  Bruin is still a little unsure.


Next, I added another leaf, a pear, another tomato, some stems and a few more grapes.  Peachy!



Til next time…