A Tasty Block!

Onward and upward!  I was eager to start the next block of  The Civil War Bride Quilt, so that is what I did!  First, I traced the pattern on the background with a Clover water soluble marker.  Next, I made some stems using my 1/4″ bias maker, and then, I stitched them in place.

stems 1

I wanted skinnier stems for the cherries, so I took the stems I made with the bias maker and folded them in half lengthwise.  They are really skinny!

stems 2

Next I added some leaves and a bunch of grapes….

grapes 3

….and then I added the pears, the strawberries and the apples….I started getting a little hungry!

grapaes 5

Next, I stitched all of the remaining leaves in place.  Jenny can hardly contain her excitement!


I added the cherries and Voila!  Another completed block!

completed block

For some reason, I was craving fruit salad…so I went to the fridge and dug out a pear, some strawberries, an apple and some grapes.  I did not ave any “real” cherries, but I did have some dried cherries.


I added a few pecans and had myself a very healthy snack!

fruit salad

Til next time….