I See Table Legs!

Every quilter looks at fabric differently.  Some see color, some see patten and some see possibilities!

When I started thinking about choosing fabrics for the next block of Civil War Bride, I wanted to do something really special for the table legs.  I searched high and low through my stash and this is what I found!  Do you see the table legs?


First, I measured the width of the stripe I wanted to use.

measure 3

Then I measured the pattern.  Pretty close!

measure 2

So I cut the freezer paper templates out and placed them very carefully on the wrong side of the fabric.


Since I will be using one of Karen Kay Buckley’s “Perfect Circles” for the round part, I am just cutting straight pieces for the legs.


Here are the legs.


Moving right along to the table cloth!  This is how I traced the tablecloth.  First I traced just half of the pattern on the freezer paper.


I folded it in half and cut along the line.  Call me crazy, but I like when both halves of a pattern are exactly the same!


Next, I ironed the pattern on the back of the fabric making sure that the pattern was centered.  I wanted the red stripes to be at each end of the table.


…and here we go!  There is still a piece that goes under the tablecloth, I just have to choose a matching fabric!


Til next time….