To Everything There Is A Season Block 11

My apologies for posting this block so late.  I have had the block prepped for a couple of weeks, but wanted to make sure everything was stitched in place before I posted it.

This block comes at a good time.  It is a promise that spring is on the way.  Honestly!  So, here is Butterflies and Lilacs.

pic for blog

First, I started with the stems and pointy leaves and some cute little flowers…


Then I added the butterfly.



Next, I added the 2 shades of purple for the lilacs, but notice that only the outside edges are turned under and the edges that meet in the middle are left raw.


That is because all of these little lilac petals will cover the raw edges.


This block (along with the previous blocks) are available on my website Simple Bird Studio.

Til next time….