The Trouble With Vacations….

Vacations are wonderful….except they come to an end!

This year, we decided to do something really different for our winter vacation.  On January 25, Paul and I left the Canadian winter behind and flew to Antigua, where we spent two absolutely awesome weeks aboard The Amoeba,  a 67′  schooner owned by John and Bev Bryson.  We had the pleasure of meeting John and Bev earlier this past summer when we went for a sunset cruise on The Amoeba while visiting family in Baddeck, Nova Scotia.


When we weren’t on the sailboat, we were on the beach….


…or buying fabric!  Who could resist?



Of course, wherever I go, I take my applique with me!



So now it is time to get back to reality and do some serious stitching!  I woke up this morning with the next block of Civil War Bride on my mind.

First I stitched the stems in place.


Then I added some colourful buds.


The many, many leaves are prepped and ready to go!


Til next time….



I can always find time to stitch……

Even when I am on vacation, I can always find time to stitch.  My husband, Paul, and I are taking a much needed vacation in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Visiting Cape Breton, especially the Cabot Trail, should be on everyone’s Bucket List.  The scenery is nothing short of breathtaking!

Of course, I take my applique with me everywhere I go!

Whenever I travel, “being packed” means having my prepped block, my thread, my scissors, and my thimble….oh and some clean clothes!

Before we left for holidays, we finally hung my quilt, Reminiscence, a pattern by Lydia Quigley, in the front entrance.

Notice how some of the nine-patches in the sashing are a darker blue?  Most people think that was done on purpose!  But here is what really happened…but remember…mum’s the word! I carefully cut, stitched and counted the many, many, nine-patch units.  When it came time to put the quilt together, I was short 15 nine-patch units.  Of course, the fabric was discontinued and I could not get any more.  I decided to make the missing nine-patches out of navy blue fabric and then place them strategically in the sashing. I am sure one day I will find a baggie full of the missing nine-patches!

Here is a close up.  The machine quilting was expertly done by Rose at Elite Quilting.  Rose brings all my quilts to life!!

And here is the label.

Til next time…..