A Day Well Spent!

Today I  had every intention to go into my sewing room and working non-stop for a couple of hours.   But I am not the most organized of quilters and my room was in desperate need of some tidying!  I started to put stuff away and realized a few strange things about myself.

Here there are:

I seem to have a fear that one day they will stop making sewing needles.  Well…I am prepared for that day!

If you asked me how many pairs of scissors I own, I would  not have said 6!

I am more than ready for the day when they discontinue colour #610  Mettler 60 weight thread.

I seem to have made it my life’s work to find the perfect set of bias bars.  They all work perfectly!

I collect anything with a “chick” theme.

I even have some “chick” knitting needles.

I have held onto this Fossil Fern  colour chart for a really long time!  I would say it is one of my many prized possessions!  There is a small swatch of….get this……every colour of Fossil Fern ever made!  One day I will do something with it…just not today!

My sewing room is pretty tidy (for now!).  The hallway is another story!!  Yikes!!

Til next time….