This is how I spent Sunday….

I have been staring at my Feathered Star quilt wondering how I can incorporate the floral fabric into the border.  A skinny inner border would not show the fabric properly.  A wide outer border would overpower the delicateness of the Feathered Stars.  So I thought: ” What if I cut the floral fabric into a curvy inner border and appliqued it onto a white outer border?  It might look like a garden.”  That appealed to me!   And then I thought “What if I added some appliqued flowers that “grew” out of the garden?”  That might be interesting!  Finally!  My quilt was speaking to me!!

 So I needed a curvy line to use as a pattern.  I used  Illustrator  to draw a curvy line the length of the quilt. The quilt is square so all four sides are the same measurement. I just had to figure out how to turn the corners so that the inner border would flow around the corners. I also had to decide how deep I wanted the curves to be.  Sometimes the hardest part of a quilt is the thinking part!!

So here is my pattern….and my cat chewing up the pattern!

Once I got it away from the cat, I traced the pattern onto freezer paper.  I ironed the freezer paper onto the wrong side of the fabric. Then I trimmed the seam allowance to 1/4″.

I applied some starch to the seam allowance and pressed it over the freezer paper using a stiletto and mini-iron.

Once the freezer paper is removed,  the edge is pressed over and ready to stitch!

I glue basted the curvy border onto the 12″ wide white border and pinned it on the design wall for an audition.  It is exactly how I pictured it!  Now it needs some flowers!

This is what the appliqued flowers should look like!

And now I have a plan!!