It’s all about the details!

It’s all about the details!  That is what I learned in Sandra Leichner’s class when I attended TESAA last month.  This is the block we worked on in class.


Sandra’s quilts have an almost life-like quality to them, thanks to the incredible details, which include embroidery with just a single strand of thread around berries, fabric paint and choosing the perfect fabrics.  You can see Sandra’s beautiful quilts here.

I like to use Ultra-Suede for really small, intricate shapes, like  calyxes. I purchased some packages of Ultra-Suede from Faye Labanaris, one of the wonderful merchants at TESAA.  Check out her website here.  If you have any question at all in regard to using Ultra-Suede, make sure you take the time to watch her video. It may just be the best 10 minutes of your day!!  Of course, I would have liked one of everything she had for sale, however, I played it safe and chose a green package and a gold package.  Each piece measures about 3″ x 6″.  As you can see, you get a lovely assortment in each package.


When using Ultra-Suede,  simply cut out around the shape (no seam allowance is necessary).  I stitch it in place using the same applique stitch I use for “normal applique”.  Don’t tug your stitches too tight or you will end up with “dimples” around the edge.

I started to think about what I learned in Sandra’s class and thought I might try embroidering around the calyx, just to give it a more “finished” look.  So, I used just one strand of embroidery floss close to the same colour as the Ultra-Suede.

This is a picture when the Ultra-Suede is just glued in place.


This is it after it is stitched with thread.


And, after the embroidery.  See?  It really is about the details!!


As you can see, I have been plugging away at the border of Friends of Baltimore.  I am working on one side of the border at a time, just to make the stitching a little more manageable.


And, I am working away (slowly, but surely) on Rita’s block.  I have an awesome plan for this block!


Til next time…



A Day Well Spent!

Today I  had every intention to go into my sewing room and working non-stop for a couple of hours.   But I am not the most organized of quilters and my room was in desperate need of some tidying!  I started to put stuff away and realized a few strange things about myself.

Here there are:

I seem to have a fear that one day they will stop making sewing needles.  Well…I am prepared for that day!

If you asked me how many pairs of scissors I own, I would  not have said 6!

I am more than ready for the day when they discontinue colour #610  Mettler 60 weight thread.

I seem to have made it my life’s work to find the perfect set of bias bars.  They all work perfectly!

I collect anything with a “chick” theme.

I even have some “chick” knitting needles.

I have held onto this Fossil Fern  colour chart for a really long time!  I would say it is one of my many prized possessions!  There is a small swatch of….get this……every colour of Fossil Fern ever made!  One day I will do something with it…just not today!

My sewing room is pretty tidy (for now!).  The hallway is another story!!  Yikes!!

Til next time….